Holiday! What holiday?

Oops!  This past Sunday was a holiday and I totally overlooked it.  Grandparent's Day.  What makes it even worse; we spent Saturday afternoon with my son's one set of grandparents.  You'd think I could have managed a "Happy Grandparent's Day!"   But, I didn't.  So much for being more thoughtful and caring.  What made me remember was a fellow blogger posted a story about her grandparents and asked others to add their own.  So, I donated ...more

Everyday Women, Unsung Heroes: This Is My Story -- What Is Yours?

It’s March and that means it’s Women’s History Month. In schools across the country, children will be learning about Sacagawea and Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth and the myriad other famous women who are lauded for their role in changing the course of history. They won’t, however, be reading about the everyday woman. The woman who cares for her children, works to support her family, volunteers in her community. The woman who is the backbone of this country and most others around the world. They will not be reading about my grandmother, Jeanette Stromberg. ...more

your mother was. To see that work of art and still be willing to call it like it was: a failed ...more

You Say Grandpa, I Say Deda

I was born with two grandmothers but only one grandfather. In nature’s rules of familial supply and demand, my Deda (Russian for grandpa) is a priceless asset; a family value very much treasured. ...more