If you don´t like it…have a bath!

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Granny Ruled

Equating my granny--Dad's mother--to anyone else isn't possible. Mom's mother had her own unique abilities, talents, and interests. Granny wasn't anything like Grandma, but they got along well and respected each other. A love of good food, a clean and tidy house, and harmony among those in the household made Granny happy. She always provided plenty of food. It might not have stood tall in a five-star restaurant, but anywhere good Southern food was served, her's would have been in demand. She was a great teacher....more

How to Live to a Ripe (Not Rude) Old Age

Laurie: After a few minutes of fumbling with her Senior Citizen discount card and the slot in the entrance thingamajig at the front of the bus, the elderly lady hobbled over to a seat occupied by a gentleman and gestured for him to get up.  Now this guy was no spring chicken but he was a tad younger than our Golden Oldie.  He complied and gave her the seat.  I listened really hard.  Not a thank you anywhere to be found.  In fact, he failed to exist after her bony bottom hit the plastic.  And of course, it got me to thinking.  Does age equal privilege? ...more