Organic Granola Bars

Homemade Organic Granola Bars are a healthy way to tide you over between meals and during exercise.

Simple Granola Bars

Most of the granola bars out there are either a) Too high in sugar and too low in protein and/or fibre or b) Too expensive. So this easy granola bar recipe is one of the best ones I've found for a make em' and take em' with you recipe. Again, make lots, store in freezer. Eat often. Repeat.INGREDIENTS:...more

Pantry Doctor Simple Granola Bars

It's fall again, and time to pull out those skinny jeans and leggings.  How many of you tend to put on a little extra weight in the winter?...more

Getting ready for winter - household items to have on hand.

The Farmers’ Almanac is a predicting a wet winter with an El Nino pattern, here in Northern California and a wild winter back east. When storms come in you never know what the end turn out might be. Being prepared is not a huge chore....more

You May Want to Jump Into the Oven

Every month I have my clients comb through cook books and magazines to find recipes to make the next month in class. We usually do two and I try to keep them a wee bit healthy.On a trip to the library we found a great book by Eric Lanlard called Home Bake. Inside were so many great things to bake that fit right into our easy to make/relatively healthy genre of foods. The Exotic Fruit Tray Bake caught my eye so we copied the recipe and today headed to the store to pick up the ingredients. The photo looked like home made granola bars and you can’t go wrong with those....more

The Best Granola Bar.

The other day I had this amazing craving for a granola bar.  It came on suddenly and surprisingly, like a bracing winter wind from around a corner.  I haven’t wanted a granola bar in years and yet here I was, jonesing for one in the middle of Manhattan.  A corn syrup chewy, cinnamon raisin bliss filled boxy log,...more

Raw Granola Bars + Sponsor an Animal for Easter

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been sprouting.  I decided to make my Candy-Coated Granola with the sprouted buckwheat groats but as I checked on them a few hours into dehydrating, I suddenly wanted granola bars...more

Victoria! Such a great thing to do for your niece!

JL is a food and fitness writer. ...more

peanut butter and chocolate snack bars

Peanut butter and chocolate could be the best combination in the dessert world. The whole salty/sweet thing is out of control - give me a salty pretzel dipped in chocolate any day. ...more