Grant Funding Facts

Getting a grant is a piecemeal process. Oftentimes people think if they have an idea or a passion to cure diseases, prevent something, or eradicate problems,  grants are readily accessible. Grants primarily come in the form of applications or proposals, this means that a prospective grantee must have a detailed layout in writing of their project in order to write a proposal or complete an application....more

Five Things I’ve Learned About Daily Blogging

Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Five Things I’ve Learned About Daily Blogging...more

$20K grants to women willing to embrace the digital media frontier to deliver the news

Traditional news media is imploding, but the public still needs the news.  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with innovative ideas about how  ...more

Type A Mom Wins Journalism Grant: How to Get Paid to Write

The McCormick Foundation's New Media Women Entrepreneurs grants have been awarded, and Kelby Carr of Type-A Mom has received a $12,000 grant to launch a new project organizing mom bloggers into a group of investigative reporters that "will help crowdsource stories." Investigative Mommy Blogger will provide not only Carr an opportunity to test new grounds of social media, but it will give a voice to other writers who have been sharing information across the Internet. ...more

It is--and it's nice when you see one of your own get recognized for greatness.

Melissa ...more

Domestic violence victims may be eligible for scholarships, grants & cosmetic surgery

Domestic violence victims go through physical and emotional pain. Most of these women and sometimes men too, need medical attention and counseling. But what happens once they leave their violent past and move on their own into society? ...more
I have struggled tough the last 5 years of college, but never thought once about giving up. I ...more