Fab Fearless Females in Comics - Summer Reading List

At the comic shop I work at we had a special event last weekend that was met with much success.  A “Ladies” night.  A night where women and woman-identified could shop, chat and just generally geek out in an open store staffed by all female staff and attended by a local female artist.  Even at my store (which is pretty damned inclusive and open) women have felt uncomfortable.  It was nice to shop without the judgement or stares from other male customers and our ladies told us so....more
Denise Such a beautiful book, This One Summer is.  :)  Rat Queens would, in my opinion, be ...more

Don't Spare The Spook - Ghoulish Graphic Novels To Get You Pumped for Halloween

I love Halloween.  The candy, the costumes, the creativity.  This year our store celebrated the Halloween ComicFest and I gathered up all our best reads in the horror category and made a giant display at the front of the store.  Here is a list of my top ten favorites....more
Denise No, I hadn't but I will now!  Thanks!  I just took a peek and it's right up my alley. :)more

Fantastic Graphic Novels for Young Readers: What to Buy INSTEAD of Archie Comics

I work at a comic store.  My walls are lined with comics, manga and graphic novels of all shapes and sizes.  I like to think I have something for everyone in store, if they'll only let me find it for them.Which is why, when a young person (usually a girl) comes in and browses the plentiful section full of comics just for them I cringe inwardly when they grab the latest issue of Archie (or Jughead or Veronica or Betty) and I scream inside my head "NO FOR THE LOVE OF BATMAN PUT THAT DOWN AND LET ME FIND YOU SOMETHING GOOOOOOOD!!!"...more
@Skye I think part of my problem is I read the first one and then skipped way ahead. It just ...more

Where My Ladies At? Strong Women in Graphic Novels, Part One

Some of my favorite memories as a little girl involve stealthily (so I thought) sneaking across my room after lights out and flipping on my closet light, and pulling my Betty and Veronica comics out from under the bed. Would Betty or Veronica win Archie's heart this month? Who would wear the cuter dress to the prom? I enjoyed poring over every detail, from the outdated slang to their weird little triangle-noses. As much as I enjoyed Betty and Veronica, their adventures were missing…something. It wasn't until I got older that I figured out that as adorable as they were, they weren't really doing anything but fighting over boys and competing with each other. With friends like that…right? ...more

ACK! Now I must go look at Inverloch! I got all busy with vacation and such.

Thanks for the ...more