Attitude of Gratitude

This morning as I was putting on the ring that my husband, I mean my kiddos, got me for Christmas, I thought back to Christmas Day when I received it, and how full my heart was at that very moment....more

Come Join In On The Fun With The Gratitude Link

Here is my gratitude list:It might be -28 C outside with almost 50 cm of snow but in the study, where I tap on the keyboard, the wood-stove is in the burn zone. It is hot in this room, with the dry heat that can only come from wood heat and it seeps right into my bones. Like Laurel mentioned, another deep freeze is coming our way in Canada....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 13

I read this morning that there's another deep freeze headed our way... in our neck of the woods, anyway. Brrr! So the very first item on my gratitude list today has got to be my comfy house with a working furnace, plenty of blankets and hot tea, and three furry creatures with whom to snuggle. ...more
inevertoldher You are very welcome - I'm glad you joined in! :)more

Thankful Thursday: A Successful Sleeping Routine

I cannot be the only one…who was shocked when my child moved past infancy and was still not sleeping through the night.  This is something that no one warns you about when you're pregnant, most likely because they don’t want you to jump off a bridge by overwhelming you with the REAL truths about motherhood, but when the Sonny Boy continued to wake us way past three years of age, I figured I would have a lifetime of exhaustion to look forward to....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 12

Happy Gratitude Sunday! This was my first week back to work after a nice long break and, as the first item on today's gratitude list, I'm happy to say that it was sane and productive and I made it out the other end in one piece. :) Hope you'll join me in this week's Gratitude Linkup! ...more

The little things

   A lot of words describe my dad, but ‘domestic’ is not one of them. My mother, the saint that she is, takes on all the household work, save barbecuing (not because she can’t, but to appease my dad’s ego). I was reminded of this charming quality of my father’s during a trip to the grocery store....more

Thankful Thursday: Back to School!

I cannot be the only one…who is thankful their child has gone back to school after a long, long winter holiday. ...more

Redefining the meaning of Abundance in my life freed me to live the life I desire!

Abundance what is that?  Many times I ask for abundance as I am setting my intention at the beginning of my yoga practice.  Then I step back thinking how horrible that sounds.  I remember learning when I was growing up not to want too much.  That wasn't something that my parents wanted us to be greedy, wanting too much, just be happy with what you have I remember my father telling me.  You have enough,  you don't need more.  Unfortunately I always did want more struggling with wanting to do what my father told me and what I wanted.  I was the good dau...more

A Day to Celebrate

I wasn't there the day my son was born.On no other day of the year is this fundamental truth so striking. He had, or maybe still has, another mother, the one who was there the day he was born.While I'm conscious of this a lot of the time, that my son was given his life by another woman, his face is as familiar to me as if I'd dreamt him in a dream before he was conceived. At the same time, he can seem a stranger to me and I often wonder, like many people who see us together, what accident of fate made us related....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 11

Now that I'm back from vacation and slowly (albeit rather reluctantly!) easing my way back into a normal routine, I'm delighted to restart a weekly tradition that has fast become an important and meaningful part of my blogging life - the Gratitude Linkup. ...more