Moving Beyond The Gifts We Didn't Get

As I fidgeted in a church pew that Christmas morning of 1978, squished between siblings, feeling hot and itchy in white tights sticking to my skinny little thighs, I’ll confess, I wasn’t exactly thinking about baby Jesus.I was thinking about Merlin.Merlin, “The Electronic Wizard.” Gen-Xers remember?...more

I Did It!! #NaBloPoMo Day 30

I did it! I’ve written every day of National Blog Posting Month. I’ve learned about search engine optimization, and I renamed my blog at the beginning of the month. The old name really didn’t apply anymore. I had written a post entitled, Stepping Aside which explained some realizations I had arrived at over time. Women in their Crone phase of life are often dismissed as emotional and out of control. Menopause is a time of challenge, to be managed....more
Writewhatmatters thank you so much!more

A grateful heart: Nosy neighbors and night time walks

I made Mr. T pull over at the entrance to our neighborhood, hopping out into the balmy 37 degree night. Iwaddled walked toward the house as he tailed behind like a secret service detail, illuminating my puffy down jacket silhouette.We continued down the street for a minute until someone pulled up next to T. I heard loud male voices, and then the car circled around and T sped off toward home....more

Thanksgiving joy and gratitude doodles

As the food coma wears off and another Thanksgiving comes to an end, I’m feeling especially grateful for family, friends, and fantastic feasts. I especially loved a new feature at my mom’s table–doodles. She covered the table in white paper and supplied a rainbow of sharpies for us to draw what we were thankful for this year. So fun!Since I’m still too full for tons of words, I’ll let pictures do the talking today…...more
sarahas5 Thank you!!more

Gratitude and Thanksgiving #NaBloPoMo 26

It’s said that expressing gratitude changes your life. I tried having a gratitude journal, but it felt false somehow. But in reality, it was probably just my reluctance to give up focusing on nonsense. And now that another Thanksgiving has arrived, I feel compelled to express some gratitude. Thank you so much for reading the rest at  Stepping Aside! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!...more


Today and all days I give thanks for my personal relationship with my Higher Power who transforms me and my life like water flowing over a rock. May this week's song of the week speak to you as well. Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

A grateful heart: Baking with Marm

When I was little, we lived next door to my grandparents for awhile. On Thanksgiving, I remember traipsing the few hundred yards over to watch my grandma and mom in the kitchen, the sound of parades and football blaring, and begging, sometimes successfully, to play my uncle’s Atari or Nintendo....more

Using Turkeys For a Special Tribute on Thanksgiving

Living outside of the U.S. and having married an Italian, I work extra hard to keep up American traditions that are important to me. Thanksgiving remains one of my favorite holidays, even if it is just a regular work and school day for everyone else wherever we are. Part of that tradition is, of course, practicing gratitude. But I found that asking my children to reflect on something for which they were grateful resulted in bland choruses of "I am thankful for my family." ...more

A grateful heart: Paella and friends

Yesterday’s tragic events in Paris and Beirut have weighed heavily on my heart. So today, heading off to a favorite annual event–the Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-off–I felt too lighthearted and frivolous.Paella artistry at the annual Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-off....more