30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving 2013: Day 22

I AM THANKFUL FOR: Clean bed sheetsGray, gloomy November morningsWearing the Man of the House's sweatsSkipping the morning workout ...more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving 2013: Day 21

I AM THANKFUL FOR: The Man of the HouseCelebrating 21 years of marriageBeing more in love than everStill making each other laughKisses that make me weak in the kneesHaving 2 great kidsand 1 adorable grandson...more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving 2013: Day 14

I AM THANKFUL FOR: Seeing my first snowflakes of the seasonCalling to schedule an appointment and finding they have an opening tomorrowHaving a small part of the Christmas shopping done - 2 weeks before ThanksgivingPancakes for breakfast on a cold morning ...more

Celebrating a friend's birthday and thankful for friends

Late morning and this afternoon, I spent time celebrating a friend's birthday. She wanted to do something in addition to having lunch together. Due to an appointment that ran late in the morning, we weren't able to do much, in addition to lunch. I am glad I got to spend time with my good friend on her birthday. ...more

Materialistic Mommies: It's Just Because We Love Them... Right?

I’ve always been a fairly frugal person. I am a sucker for a good deal and avoid paying full price if at all possible. I attribute this to growing up with cheapskates teachers as parents. We weren’t impoverished by any means, but we were certainly eating a lot of ground beef and toast and wearing plenty of hand-me-downs. We were fully aware that new clothes were a twice a year splurge: back-to-school and Christmas....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 6

This past week has been busy, crazy, overwhelming, and immensely fun, all at the same time... one of those weeks where it seems as though everything that could possibly be packed in to my waking hours, was. But I made it through, and now that I have a few quiet minutes it's a delight to stop and reflect in a spirit of gratitude. I'd love it if you'd join me in this week's Gratitude Linkup! ...more

Quiet: Gratitude at a Different Volume

I am grateful, every day, for my Little K and the things he has taught me about littler children in general.  Not all toddlers run around giggling all day, for example.  Some are born serious, thoughtful, and quiet.  Some prefer wandering around with a map and an inquisitive smile to shouting exuberantly at every new site....more

5 Ways to Cultivate a Spirit of Gratitude

We live in a world where the pursuit of more, different, and better has become a number one priority. It's all too easy to get caught up in that mindset, lose focus, and quickly become dissatisfied with our lot in life. I've certainly been there and done that... but I am also learning that practicing gratitude is the first step toward restoring balance, contentment, and joy to my life. A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues. - Cicero ...more

Gratitude Project 2013 – Day 14 – Grateful for Teachers

Gratitude Project 2013 - Day 14 of 30...more

A Grateful Kind of day

It's time to express some gratitude tonight. ...more