10 Reasons To Be Thankful

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving 2013: Day 4

I AM THANKFUL FOR: Rude awakenings by the catQuiet morningsSeeing other people be kind to strangersSunny Autumn days...more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving: Day 3

I AM THANKFUL FOR: Being by myselfWhen God talks to meFootball SundaysMeatball subs ...more
carolinabeckey I haven't made homemade meatball subs in AGES. I should do that soon.more

Gratitude Project 2013 - Day 5 - Be Grateful for Vulnerability

Before we get started with today's post, I'd like to take a minute to say Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter, Alison, who turns 21 today. I love you, baby girl!Gratitude Project 2013 - Day 5 of 30...more

30 Days of Gratitude & Thanksgiving Revisited

For a year now I have been keeping a gratitude journal.  Sometimes writing several things a day, sometimes nothing at all.  Sometimes for several days in a row it goes untouched.  It's so easy to get wrapped up into the busyness of life and to overlook all the beautiful things.  We often forget that even in the hard times, the sad times, the hurt-filled times - there is still good.  There is still something for which we can give thanks.  There is always something, no matter how small, which we can be grateful for. ...more

A Cure for Ingratitude

The last few Novembers, Facebook has been filled with daily posts of thankfulness.  It’s cheesy, but in a nice way because I’m not sure most people take that moment each day to look around and see the things they are thankful for.  Of course I’m not only grateful for my life in November, but it is a fine time to take stock of 30 of the great things I’ve been blessed with in my life....more

Thankful for my 25 month old twins

2013-11-1 A huge theme this month is thankfulness and gratitude. I really need to keep that in mind today, as I am worn out, discouraged, utterly exhausted, very sleepy. ...more

'Tis The Season To Give Thanks

November 1st.  Halloween is behind us (although I have heard many towns and neighborhoods all across the country rescheduled for tonight, due to inclement weather) but for our intents and purposes, today is officially the beginning of the THANKSGIVING season....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 5

I have really come to appreciate this little ritual, this once-weekly segment of time I've carved out to specifically, intentionally focus on cultivating a spirit of gratitude in my heart. And I've recently noticed that the attitude has begun to spill over into the rest of the week, too! Amazing what happens when you give something worthwhile even a little bit of regular practice. I'd love it if you'd join me! ...more

On Turning 70

I turn 70 today. Yesterday, 70 sounded a little oldish. Not old, but old-ish. I knew all about 70 being the new 50,  but I didn't feel it. Today, however,  I am proud to be 70. I am in good health, I have a wonderful family : great husband, fabulous sons and two amazing granfchildren. I have meaningful work. I just published my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood. Life is good. I am grateful. And I still feel spunky. Go, Me.  I will postpone even being old-ish....more
SunbonnetSmart.com Thanks, Robin. I am glad to be here. Thanks for responding. Any ideas about ...more