100 Thank You's

Maybe one day I'll give a little big speech in a rather large auditorium with a trophy of some variety, earned not politically but legitimately for my work (creative, humanitarian or otherwise), in a dress that is a deep, emerald green, borrowed emeralds dripping from my ears, clip ons, of course, because my holes are loose and can't handle dangleys. I'll go home and put said trophy of some sort on a shelf, a place where I can see it when I want but not all the time, lest it come to define me and distract me from THE WORK....more
Thanks, Anastasia! Same to you. xmore


     Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday.  I hate everything about it.  It brings back bad memories for me and I dread it every year.  It's ironic that it is my daughter's favorite holiday.  To help me stay in a positive mindset for her holiday, I am thinking about all the things I am thankful for in my life - big and small....more
I am sorry that Thanksgiving brings back bad memories for you. But I love that you found so much ...more

Accepting Thanks, Harder Than Giving

I once led an adult Sunday School class on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I knew there was power in this kind of affirmation action, but I didn't foresee the equal and opposite reaction of people being completely unprepared and unwilling to sit still and accept sincerely heartfelt thanks. Image: vistamommy via Flickr Especially among these conservative Christians....more
I think this is very true. I have learned to listen and say thank you when someone affirms me. ...more

Much to be Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!...more

NaBloPoMo Day 21: Elbows About Gratitude

 Since the focus in the U.S. this week is about Thanksgiving and being grateful, here are five elbows related to the subject of gratitude—except less than warm and fuzzy:* and still her gratitude journal was empty...more

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Namaste, Weekly Gratitude

This is an excerpt from NaBloPoMo Day 19: Namaste, Weekly Gratitude PracticeAnjali Mudra: Namaste...more

NaBloPoMo Day 12: Namaste; Weekly Gratitude Practice

Namaste: 12 November 2011 A Gratitude Practice for NaBloPoMo  Anjali Mudra: Namaste...more

I Am Not Giving Up

Yesterday, I got this email in my inbox:Dear Jo,Thank you so much for sharing your story on BlogHer.com – I’m so glad it was able to reach so many people. I’d like to feature your follow-up post today on the homepage of BlogHer.com....more
@Hopin2bHappy Thank you friend. You all supporting me helps me be brave.more

11 reasons I'm grateful on 11-11-11

1. My wife. I met Lori in college, a classy San Franciscan with long brown hair and green eyes, and we've been married for 36 years. She's the love of my life, the mother of our kids and the heartbeat of our family.  2. My kids. Each one of them is a gem and a reason I'm a proud parent. Nathan, the free spirit, here in Portland. Simone, the driven one, pursing a masters in Pittsburgh. Jordan, the easygoing one who surprised us all by enlisting in the Army; he's now stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington....more

Who Needs Thanksgiving Anyway?

We do.Because without it we too easily slip into the complacency of taking life’s treasures for granted and complaining about petty inconveniences....more