The Week That Was: Appreciating Life

Let's see.I wrapped up a project this week that involved working with a person who was the 'other woman' in a volatile relationship I had thirty-five years ago. I knew about her and she knew about me but I don't know if she knew that I knew about her. We didn't discuss it. Now I realize that maybe I was the 'other woman.'...more

For the record: Thanks, honey

What would you change about your spouse? Is it the way he leaves dishes in the sink? Or the way she leaves hair all over the bathroom floor? Think about the items in your marriage you wish were a little better. (Please don't email me a list or anything.) ...more

Taking it for Granted

I cannot be the only one...who has come to realize that I take the easy, smooth, and uneventful days of family life for granted. I don't take the time to appreciate the flow of good moods and our ability to laugh out loud regularly...I don't see how lucky we are until I am staring down the barrel of a full fledged hurricane of an ultra bad day....more


So I was sitting here this morning about all I have been through in my life and I know that I have made it here because of my personal relationship with you. It is through you and my relationship with you that I have come to experience an intimacy that I have not been able to experience with a human person, not even Zoe, and I know you sent her into my life....more


Have you taken the time today to give thanks for the miracles in your life? Let's work on keeping things fresh in our life and not let the presence of the Divine become routine.  Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

A grateful heart: Remembering their sacrifice

On this Memorial Day, I am feeling intense gratitude for the men and women who have laid down their lives in the service of others. I've been scrolling through posts about parades, memorials, and images of the devastation of war (see here for a very poignant and artful slideshow of veterans' injuries)....more

A grateful heart: Feeling neighborly

"[Bzzzz] I turned you into a frog!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a toilet!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a banana!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a baby!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a meatball!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into an earring!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a piece of paper!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into an apricot!""[Bzzzz] I turned you into a noodle!"...more