My Gratitude Practice Has Changed Me

Over the past few years I have become aware of how my daily gratitude practice has changed how I look at everyday situations and in exchange has changed me.Many people are born with more optimistic personalities while others typically see the ne...more

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday.  And with all the craziness of the past couple of days (you know, what with the break-in and all), I failed to mention it when I dropped the monkeys off at her house yesterday morning.  Not exactly a stellar moment....more

Practice Gratitude

Traditionally during the holidays, we collectively remember to be thankful for the blessings in our lives,  or even to recognize we have blessings at all.  It is easy to get caught up in our lives – happiness, sadness, loss, joy, excitement and even boredom.  However, every once in a while, we slow down and remember to be thankful, vowing to never take things for granted again....more

Have a Magical Day

I bought my Disney tickets yesterday! There is something exciting and magical about making the resort reservations, purchasing the tickets, and now, securing the Fastpass+. This post is a bit two-fold....more

Unbounded Gratitude

Unbounded Gratitude by Kristin A. Meekhof       Last month I went to Nairobi, Kenya with a small group of widows. We were connected with a charity organization that services widows and their children. We were given the opportunity to meet with the widows, and visit their homes. I had the absolute joy of meeting Peninnah, a mother of three young children. Peninnah is one of those women who you would expect to be depressed and pessimistic, and frankly who could blame her?...more

A kestrel for a wench

A small kestrel hawk hovers outside my study window. She hangs in the air, only the tips of her wings quivering almost imperceptibly as she fixes her sights on the something in the grass that will be her meal.  Freedom, power, fearlessness — she is all of these. But she does not glower with menace, for she is also patience and grace. Why do I assume her to be female? Is it her determination? Her single-mindedness? Or merely her beauty?  Her size? Perhaps I confuse her with the doomed creature in A Kestrel for a Knave....more

Thanksgiving Over?

I am glad the work going into the Thanksgiving Day feast is over, but I cannot help but feel a bit let down. There was the menu planned for weeks, the fall decor to display and some new crafts that I finished. I had fun! Of course there is Christmas to plan, but afterwards a new year to follow.  ...more

A Prayer of Thanks

What is your family’s Thanksgiving tradition for giving thanks at the table?  Do the assembled family and friends bow their heads while one person says a prayer?  Do you have everyone hold hands in an unbroken chain while grace is said?  Do you go around the table and have everyone describe what he or she is thankful for this year?  Or do you dispense with the formalities and just dig in as soon as the turkey is carved?...more

Teaching Young Children To Be Thankful

By Gena Kittner, Mommy Sanest contributor Getting a child to say “please” and “thank you” isn't terribly hard. We demand it. Want some fruit snacks? Say “please.” The Target lady just gave you a sticker, what do you say? But what I've been pondering, as the season of thankfulness is upon us, is how we teach our kids to mean it. In other words, how do we teach thankfulness? ...more
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#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 26: Obligatory Gratitude Post

It is that time of year where people are busy posting about all of the things that they are grateful or thankful for and I generally try to avoid this display myself, but this year, I am moved to participate....more