Vampires and Ghosties and Graveyards OH MY!

So for Christmas I lucked out and received three new books, which for me is like, the best present. (ok clothes, jewels and money are always appreciated). The first two books are the first two in the "Sookie Stackhouse" series, (by Charlaine Harris) upon which the HBO series "True Blood" are based. Now I asked for the first book, because I thought the premise for the show was interesting (and I don't get HBO so I figured, I'd read the books and decide if renting the DVDs would be worth it or not). The second book was a bonus. And here is my review: Ew. ...more

Jody K. Petty (1972-1999)

I didn’t know Jody Petty; I’m not related to him and I don’t even know anyone who knew him. I saw his headstone while Maleficent and I were driving through Black Cemetery in Delaware County, Indiana. I stopped to take a picture because it is the first stone I’ve seen that I thought I might like to have on my own grave. read full post with pics of headstone ...more

Halloween tragedies, haunts and quirks

When tragedy strikes on Halloween, there’s an extra layer of horror. America’s popular magician Harry Houdini died from infection caused by a ruptured appendix on Halloween in 1926. An explosion at the Indiana State Fair on Halloween in 1963, caused by an improperly stored gas tank—gas leaked near an electric popcorn warmer—killed 74 people and injured approximately 400. Read more at Covering Florida. ...more