Why I Stopped Coloring My Grey Hair

I started coloring my hair almost 15 years ago, in my 20's, because grey hair began popping up. I blame genetics (my dad was totally silver in his 30's - awesome on him, not so good on a twenty something me) and maybe stress (sleep deprivation from babies every couple of years, divorce and other stress)....more
I've been coloring my hair since my twenties too. My stylist wants me to go grey, I'm not ready. ...more

Should I Go Gray?

Should I stop coloring my hair?...more

Molasses Cookies and No More Gray Hair

There is nothing like a batch of Grandma’s Molasses Cookies for a great comfort food.  I have always loved these cookies and they turn out just slightly crisp on the outside but deliciously chewy on the inside....more

Breaking up with vanity

I suppose that vanity has been my friend since childhood. I don't necessarily remember the start of our relationship, but I'm told countless stories about how, in spite of my crippling shyness, I would visit my neighbors in Puerto Rico in whatever new dress or outfit I had at the moment, simply to tell them "Me veo bonita" (I look pretty), a statement, not a question....more

Is it Time to Go Gray?

When color touch-ups get to be a bit too much on the schedule and budget, many of us wonder when to do it – go gray, that is.And, more important, how exactly do we transition from our current color to a more, shall we say, natural shade?...more

The Hair Color Debate: Salon vs. the Box

A dirty little secret is that some of us can only go three to four weeks before touching up our gray roots. Granted, there are women whose gray grows in symmetrically, in just the right area, creating a sophisticated, mature look. But for many of us, those nasty grays appear wiry and unruly, transforming us from hot to hag overnight. There have been many times I’ve passed rows of boxed hair color in the drug store. They’re tempting, with their convenience and reasonable cost....more
I've yet to find a red in a box that's as nice as the reds I can get in the salon.more

Going Gray

Ahhh, the gray debate!!  Probably one of the most vehement areas of contention between women empty-nesters!Personally, I'm going gray.  Ok...maybe I need to be more honest.  Because of my coloring (born with red hair, darkened to ash blonde as I aged), I've managed to skip the gray altogether.  I do, however, have racing stripes down both sides of my head in bright, glow-in-the-dark white!  Which I shouldn't have been surprised by...it's the exact same way my father aged!...more
Holy Moly there are other women out in the world that think like I do about gray hair. I have ...more

Owning My Beauty And My Grey

"You know if you dye your hair, you'll look about forty because you don't have any wrinkles here, or, here." I watched my colleague indicate the areas of skin underneath her eyes and jawline as she used an index finger to make her point clear to myself and to others who were standing in the vicinity of our little intimate pow wow. I could only imagine what those other women were thinking while listening to this forty something woman give me anti-aging tips!...more

That we don't get the truism of aging: It's going to happen & there's no stoppping or turning ...more

Dying My Hair


I am adventurous in trying new hairstyles but never tried to dye my hair, though I'd love to try ...more

Minivans, Magical Creams and the Mommy 15

I'm having a bit of blogging block.  So I'm posting something I wrote about two years ago, before I started blogging.  Happy Thanksgiving! I knew I was getting older when, looking back at 2008, I realized my favorite purchases of the year were our seven-passenger Dodge Caravan and a facial cream called “tight, firm and fill.” Sure, I may just be one birthday past...more