Wanderlust Wednesday: Greece

When I saw Mamma Mia!, starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, I knew I had to add Greece to my bucket list. The whitewashed houses and buildings, some with blue roofs (mostly churches), are a beautiful contrast to the sea seen in most photos. The blue and white combination, along with the preexisting colors of the Greek flag and the preexisting colors in other islands too, have become the strongest "trademark" of the Greek Cycladic islands, Santorini included....more

Chios, Greece

Our second day in Chios marked the four month-versary of us (well, me because of my passport troubles) living in Turkey!  What a four months it has been!  It's kind of funny that we weren't in Turkey to celebrate, but we had quite the day in Greece. ...more

Chios, Greece

www.anotheryearanothercity.blogspot.com I wrote this blogpost once already, but the text got deleted when I went to upload another photo.  Happy Monday?One of the great things about living in Europe/Asia is how close other countries are. This is especially true for Turkey and Greece.  The Greek Island of Chios is so close to Turkey that you can take a ferry there. ...more
It was good to learn a bit about Chios! It wasn't really on my radar but sounds like an ...more

What to Pack for a Week in Greece

Check out my packing list below from the week I spent on my European vacation visiting Santorini, Hydra, and Athens! Greece had been at the top of my bucket list for a while so I was so excited to finally make it to a place I'd been dreaming about for quite a while....more

Amazing Ancient Greece

We're heading back to Greece on the blog after a long break! Once we visited the beautiful Greek Isles of Santorini & Hydra, we returned to Athens ready to see some of the famed ancient sites. Our first stop was the Acropolis, of course!...more

Santorini is a Dream

Friends, as I may have mentioned before in my Packing List post, Greece has been at the top of my list for quite some time. Santorini in particular had caught my imagination and my eye since it seems to be one of the most photographed travel destinations anywhere. Even though I'd done my planning and preparation for the trip, nothing could make me anticipate just how much beauty this Greek island possesses....more

Greece Travel Journal

  "A world I thought would both make me into the woman I know I could become and turn me back into the girl I’d once been."- Cheryl Strayed in Wild The Wednesday leading up to MLK weekend, I hopped a plane to Athens, Greece....more
lovely photos!more

Eating Your Way Through Athens Greece

For many, Greece is a dream destination. And in fact, it feels like  dream once you arrive. Perched on the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, the mountainous terrain and gorgeous beaches are enough to lure travelers. Add in the incredible ancient historic sites and fabulous cuisine and you might never want to leave! And Athens is a great start when visiting this beautiful country....more

spaghetti and pigeons in athens, greece

At the ripe old age of 22, I was quite the traveler. At my current age of 31, I can't say the same thing. So I gotsta reminisce on my travel heyday back when I was 22. Oi. One of the trips I took was traveling from London to Paris, Athens, Venice and Florence over the course of 10 days with my friend Jaime who was visiting me for 2 weeks. This trip produced numerous amazing stories but I'm just going to share one with you today....more

Come Fly with Me…to Greece

One of my most memorable trips was to Greece, where I participated in the first SWY Global Assembly to see old friends and make new ones,“Once a PY, Forever a PY!”  The adventure began the moment we landed in Athens, Greece.  Since we had arrived a few days prior to the GA, our host informed us at the airport, we had the option to go sailing or to visit with another SWY member and his family in Aegina, Greece.  We decided to visit Aegina, as it was only a ...more