Make your own aromatic sea salt

Make your own aromatic sea salt!Ever wondered what gives extra taste to greek tomatoes , for example? Or to the greek salad and the home-cooked fries that you tried while in Greece?It is the olive oil and the sea salt!Greek foodies swear by it and top restaurateurs use it next to perfectly grilled meats and fish for the guest to sprinkle it on his meal....more

Crispy fyllo mushrooms nests

These days, it’s my favourite recipe: sautéed mushrooms snuggled in fyllo pastry nests!...more

Greek chickpea soup with whole oranges

Chickpea soup with tahini and oranges This aromatic greek chickpea soup is out of the norm, yet very easy to make, with a little tahini and the fresh tangy fragrance of oranges – four to be precise! Ingredients:...more
I am not sure what happened to my beautiful photograph of the chickpeas with the whole oranges!more

The easiest and smallest greek cheese pie!

Easiest and smallest Cheese Pie Everrrrr!!!...more

The crunchiest greek pitta sticks ever!


A greek food blogger's pantry!

What does a Greek food blogger keep at hand?...more

Greek Pita Wraps

This post originally appeared on Glitter and Bubbles....more

Easy Slow Cooker Pork Gyros with Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Sauce

 "Pita bread. Why can't you get like, some pita bread? We never have pita bread." This was my husband's response to my do-you-want-anything-from-the-grocery courtesy question....more

Vegetarian Moussaka from The Chic Brulee

Right now my four eggplant plants are in overdrive in the garden, which is only one reason I'm loving this vegetarian version of the famous Greek eggplant dish called Moussaka as a Meatless Monday option. Janelle from The Chic Brulee enjoyed Moussaka when she visited the Greek island of Santorini, and back home she decided to create a meatless version. Janelle's lighter Vegetarian Moussaka has bulgur and Greek yogurt, plus the same traditional tomato sauce and spices that make this dish so popular. ...more

nightshades, anyone?

Here I thought we were locked in until next November, long days in the high 90s and muggy and then, thank you very much, the weather broke for a few days. Ahhh... spring! Enjoy it while it lasts, no matter what part of the world you are in. I'm taking advantage of these last few days that are cool enough to run the oven fearlessly, while enjoying some less-than-wintry fare....more