Dear Crunchy Daycare Guy: No Pesticides Were Used in the Writing of This Post

So I dropped Sophie off at daycare today. I am wondering how long it will be before I get my first lecture from Crunchy Daycare Guy. Anyone want to take a guess? ...more

Yes, we found un-petroleum jelly, too!

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It's Snowing Styrofoam!

The large box looked too heavy for my 115 pound frame to carry.  “Jennifer Schwab, Sierra Club Green Home” on the label, yep, it was for me, but I hadn’t ordered anything large lik...more

Add a Little Do-Goodness to Your Valentine's Day

On Sunday, February 14th, thousands of people will exchange cards, go out to dinner, eat chocolates, buy flowers, and give gifts for Valentine's Day. If you're celebrating, why not add a little do-goodness to your Valentine's Day?Cards...more

I love the eco focus on this...way to go!

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Help! I'm Addicted to K Cups

I like to think I'm a good person and at least a pale shade of green.  My recycling trash container is always much fuller than than the one that contains, well, trash.  I buy recyled, local, organic, advocate for sustainable solutions at the architectural office I work at.  I know what Cradle to Cradle is, unplug electrical things when I can and when they aren't needed....I really really try to be a good person.But my partner's daughter gave him a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas....more

Now you've inspired me to a comparative study.  Tassimo Senseo, ...more

Best of 2009

2009 was definitely the year of the Veg & Green lifestyle.  From Ellen to Oprah, Tal Ronnen to Alicia Silverstone, Gardein to Daiya, the last year of the decade was a veritable vegan, health & eco fireworks extravaganza! So I figured I'd compile my faves of the last year in case any of you missed them so that you can enjoy them well into the new decade ; ) ...more

Favorite Have Fun Do Good Books of 2009

Below is my 5th annual list of favorite do-good books that I read in 2009, but this year I'm calling it my Have Fun Do Good Book list. Wahoo! You can also check out my lists from 2005-2008:Favorite Do-Good Books of 2008Favorite Do-Good Books of 2007Favorite Do-Good Books of 2006...more

Best of Moomette’s Magnificents Blog Posts 2009

Now that we’ve passed the Winter Solstice and are wrapping up 2009, I’ve tried to put together a collection of my favorite“Best of 2009” series of Moomette’s Magnificents posts. While I’m a mom, I’m also a grandmom, wife, sister, and friend.  I try to identify myself as a multi-generational blogger, and my blogging friends and readers are many. (Read More) Cindi...more

The Things I Do For the Environment

I spend a lot of time talking about how weird my family is. Today, I'd like to mix it up and talk about how weird my in-laws are. Specifically, I'd like to focus on my sister-in-law, Meg....more

Upcycled Holiday Crafts You Can Make From What You Found in the Couch Cushions

Green or eco-friendly crafts for children using recycled or upcycled (repurposing a waste material into a product of higher quality materials) are plentiful this holiday season. In addition to being better for the environment, crafting from items found around the house has the added benefit of being economical. ...more

I just wanted to say thank you for including my Light Bulb Penguin in your article! ...more

Beauty Talk: Health Labels on Beauty Products

In 2008 New York introduced a mandate requiring fast food establishments to add calorie labels to their menus in an attempt to prevent us from growing massive muffin tops and half ton J-Lo’s. According to the assistant city commissioner’s findings, the labels are working. Ignorance sure is bliss, but when faced with the truth (e.g....more