Quinoa with Grilled Summer Squash and Green Beans

Josh likes to go mountain biking on Saturday mornings. Mountain biking is not my thing, I am still getting used to riding my bike around the neighborhood, so I gladly stay with Caleb. I love our Saturday mornings together, just me and my little pea.One of our favorite Saturday morning activities is going to the farmers market. I push Caleb in the stroller and we wander around the market. Caleb loves the commotion at the market. There are so many new things for him to look at. He waves to the people and goes crazy when he sees a dog. We have to stop to say hi to a lot of doggies:)...more

Canning Green Beans at Home

Of all the vegetables we grow, the garden area dedicated to green beans is bested only by that afforded tomatoes. We’re partial to Blue Lake bush beans, a variety with compact growth and impressive yield, but there are many suitable types—both bush and pole—on the market. Contender is another that many home gardeners swear by. Of course, whatever is growing at your local u-pick or gracing the tables of your nearest farm market will work....more
Not anymore. We bought a chest freezer. Much better for youmore

Creamy Dijon Mushroom Green Beans - Low Carb!

From: LowCarbLayla.blogspot.com http://lowcarblayla.blogspot.com/2012/06/creamy-dijon-mushroom-green-beans.html#...more

What the Accidental Locavore Does With Arugula, Peas, Broccoli and More

This week's farm box for the Accidental Locavore was packed full of great stuff! There were radishes, turnips (both with their greens), green and yellow beans, peas, arugula, mesclun, perfect tiny heads of broccoli, small bunches of dill, rosemary, thyme and sage and the last of the season's strawberries....more

texas two-step...

OK, maybe it isn't exactly local or even possibly sustainable, but sometimes I really have no choice. When I saw this asparagus, well, it just sort of inveigled its way into my reusable bag. I mean, I'm all about supporting the local folks, just ask anyone, but wow... ...more

Sautéed Haricots Verts

Green beans come in various shapes and sizes. The two primary categories of green beans are pole and bush. Pole beans are grown vertically on a supporting structure, such as a trellis or tepee, and bush beans, as the name indicates, grow close to the ground like a bush....more

Vegan Dream Beans

Most of the time, my dreams are just mental chatter, with no usable content worth remembering, and certainly nothing prophetic. Sometimes I'll wake up humming a song I've never heard before, but I'm not a musician, so I don't try to hold onto those. Sometimes I'll wake up with a phrase or sentence that seems ever-so-sage in the moment, but when I write it down and look at it an hour later, it's just plain silly....more

My sister just asked me the other day for a vegan quinoa she could prepare with ingredients she ...more

Make Dinner Wait for You: Simple Salt and Pepper Salmon with Lemon Thyme Rice and Roasted Green Beans

Next week I’ll have a post on Scary Mommy‘s Scary Mommy Society. To go along with it, I’m offering you some of my strategies for getting dinner on the table. Check out some of my other family-themed posts: the good, the bad and the ugly. Today: Make Dinner Wait for You I like weeknight recipes that are not time-dependent. If there’s an emergency poo-plosion, dinner must wait! Contrast a typical spaghetti alla carbonara that begs you to sit and eat as soon as its noodles are cooked, to a typical baked ziti that sits patiently in a warm oven (or even on the counter under foil) for an extra 20-30 minutes waiting for you to relaxingly enjoy its stringy cheese....more

Green Beans With Roasted Walnuts and Sweet Cranberries

This recipe from was a hit with the family this Christmas dinner. I don’t know if it was the pretty Christmas colors in the dish, or the combination of ingredients, but these beans provided a nice balance for heavier foods like the stuffing and mashed potatoes....more