4 Tips For Offsetting The Carbon Footprint of Your Small Business

4 Tips To Offset The Carbon Footprint of Your Small BusinessWhen we picture polluters, we often envision big business entities and huge factories. However, over half the businesses in the US that consume fossil generated fuel are small or home-based. Many companies rely heavily on technology to operate but with a few simple tips business owners can significantly reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing productivity.Move key resources to a centralized location...more

EcoTuesdays for Green Biz Owners: Less Schmoozing, More Bonding

After a recession-related lull, new green businesses seem to be popping up like May flowers -- many started up by eco-minded women. If you're a green entrepreneur who wants to meet, network, and market to fellow eco-businesspeople in your neighborhood -- but just don't seem to run into the right people at business mixers, block out Tues., May 25 for an EcoTuesday event near you. ...more

The US Chamber's Achy Breaky Heart

(Originally posted @ www.sightline.org)There have been a couple new developments since I last wrote about the US Chamber of Commerce and its whacked out stance on climate change (basically, denial and roadblocking important legislation):...more

Purple is the New Green When it Comes to Shopping

Online shopping: I know I couldn’t live without it.  It’s one of the most convenient tools the Internet has to offer.  Every search engine or guide plugs that they make it the easiest, fastest or have the largest selection available.  ...more

An Inconvenient Parent

I am a recycling nut, so it was no surprise that I was thrilled when I was asked to be part of a new recycling committee at our elementary school. Parents around campus can often be heard discussing the copious amounts of paper that our school uses (translate - “wastes”) and the recyclables that end up in the trash. Our team was getting ready to set up an action plan of our own, when our lead parent learned about Cancel A Car. The program educates students about global warming and inspires them and their families to take energy saving actions. ...more

October is Fair Trade Month

Did you know that your purchases can have a direct impact on other people's lives? October is Fair Trade Month. A month to celebrate and promote businesses that are concerned with how their choices and purchases can impact the lives of their producers. This article offers many resources to determine if your purchases are having a positive impact on the world. http://site.ananyastudio.com/blog/2007/10/02/did-you-know-that-october-i... ...more