Don't Toss the Old Calendar - Make Gift Boxes!

This time of year everyone has a new calendar, which means we also have an old one (or two or three) to take down from the walls and fridge, and wonder what to do with.  We spend a whole year with these beloved collections of images, and then most of us toss them in the trash come January first....more
Thank you so much Kim!   I created boxes out of aryle sweater calendar using your blog. All my ...more

Crafting A Life: Crafts on YouTube

The directions read: knit into the front and back of the next stitch. Say wha??? It was evening. Late enough that I didn't want to call one of my knitting friends and hope to get directions over the phone.  I wouldn't be seeing any of them for almost a week. But I was into the pattern and wanted to continue working. I did the only reasonable:  went to YouTube and searched for a video to help me. Crazy Aunt Purl came to my rescue with this quick little number ...more

If you ever need any help please email me! You can also see my instructional videos on my web ...more

Crafting a Life: What Does Crafting Green Mean To You?

When you read the words "Green Crafts" what comes to mind?  For me, a variety of craft activities and movements fight to be noticed first.There is:  The Wardrobe Refashionista, who take what's already in their closets -and on the racks at thrift stores- then cut, sew, design, dye, alter in some way to make a new wardrobe item. ...more

I couldn't agree more - and I'd love to see marketers embrace the use of these more ...more

The Second Carnival of Green Crafts!

What do empty toilet paper rolls, plastic shopping bags, old cordoroy pants have in common with a call to ban PVC?  They are all part of the second Carnival of Green Crafts. This new carnival is alternately hosted at Crafting a Green World and other blogs. Submissions right now will be part of the  August 21st carnival at CAGW then the party moves over to Whip Up. ...more

With the holidays coming up way too soon, making some nice gift card holders and recycling? ...more

Crafting a Life: Carnivals, Influence, and Crafty Literature

There has been a bit a good news breaking that involves the crafty-blog scene.  A new craft carnival has been announced, a knitter is named one of the most influential women bloggers, and the crafty chica pairs beach-reading lit with crafting fun!  Let's look closer: ...more

I'm looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer, Deb!

Crafting A Green Worldmore

Give Away

Hey, wanna win a recycled jewelry charm bracelet? I'm having my first Give Away, please come for a visit, check out the blog and enter the Give Away. This Recycled Life is a blog of my art work and some free ideas and patterns for recycling crafts in your own home. hope you'll visit. ...more