Affordable Eco-Fashion Brands

Tired of searching the Internet for the most affordable, stylish, and truly eco-conscious fashion brands, I decided to create an updated list of my favorites. I wrote a while back about some of my favorite green clothing brands and how to save on them, but there are new great resources popping up all the time! Here is a great place to bookmark as I will be updating it as I learn of anything new!...more
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NY Fashion Week GreenShows: Beautiful Styles with an Eco Twist

What do New York Fashion Week, a sheep sanctuary in Britain, and destruction of the Indonesian rainforest have in common? The GreenShows, the first semi-annual fashion event "exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion in New York City." Check out this video from Wallet Pop:  ...more

I'm so glad to hear that sustainable materials are becoming more available and that more ...more

Recycled T-Shirt Halter Tie Back Dress - Giveaway for 3 lucky readers!

In a few days I will be releasing my newest pattern (the Recycled T-Shirt Halter/Tie-Back Dress ePattern) to my Etsy store so to celebrate I am giving away a copy of the pattern to THREE lucky blog readers! ...more

Eco Carnival!

Carnival can best be summed up as a celebration of life!  Its traditions are as varied as the places across the world that it is observed like in New Orleans, Rio, Trinidad and Tobago and Venice.  I found it quite interesting that Carnival, derived from phrases such as "putting away meat", and "farewell to flesh" and thus I thought it very appropriate to share beautiful animal-friendly and ethically designed shoes with you in this post. ...more

How to Host a Clothing "Swap It" Party

Now that Labor day has passed, "that" time of year is upon us again. ...more

Maybe i'm feel unwanted in your project about that  Clothing swap ...more

Don't shelve the flips 'til it snows when you're sporting semi-sustainable sandals!

Despite the fact that we’re now supposed to be thinking about fall leaves, until it’s basically snowing we ecostilettoistas won’t give up our flip flops. And why should we, when we’re sporting the fabulousity that is the Libertas Minx Sandal? All au courant and Grecian-inspired, with woven gold straps that weave up the center of your foot and soft, padded soles, really the only thing this sandals have in common with traditional flops is a v-shaped toe strap—though here they’re studded with tiny dots of gold. ...more

These Little Boxes Inspire Change for Good. Don't Take It From Us, Just Ask Al Gore

Any friend of Al Gore’s a friend of ours, and the folks over at CHANGE A Starter Kit seem to have made a friend in Mr. Gore with their eco-fantastic little box of goodies that inspire us (and, possibly, our entire holiday gift list) to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Obviously the Godfather of Green really takes Gandhi’s words to heart, spreading goodwill in a hand-signed note to CHANGE headquarters that echoes our thoughts that these handy-dandy boxes raise “awareness about the many challenges facing our planet.” ...more

Considering a Syringe Full of Synthetics that Promises Eternal Youth? Try Alt Organic Eye Cream, Instead.

Is it just us or is there a significant contradiction in the line-free smile of the self-described ecoista who wouldn’t be caught dead with a paraben or petrochemical in her moisturizer but looks the other way when presented with a syringe full of synthetics that promises eternal youth? ...more

Their name nods to a nick’ we’d rather forget, but these Beaters are well nigh perfect.

All tank tops are not created equal. Some are too tight, creating a virtual shelf if you’re anything over an A-minus. Most are too short, lacking the essential extra fabric that takes them from under to outerwear. And the ones that come in three-packs sling low so low under your arms that you might as well skip ‘em altogether and go out in your bra. ...more

Line ‘em up with a giardia back: The cold hard facts about H2O.

Rachel just took the “Go Green Challenge” for “Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos,” which airs Thursday, August 28th at 9 p.m. on Planet Green. She discovered (pun intended) some interesting facts about bottled, filtered and tap water. ...more