Green Gift Giving--Decoupaged Glass Plates

Green Gift Giving--Decoupaged Glass Plates  ...more
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Holiday Gift Guide: Green Gifts for Every Eco-lifestyle

This is the year to stop giving crappy gifts -- those weird plasticky objects that are barely functional and easily breakable. Whether you need targeted tips for eco-friendlier gift shopping or broad ideas for making the gift-giving experience more meaningful this season, first read fellow Blogher CE Beth Terry's green gifting guidelines. But if you already know the basics of eco-friendly gifting -- and now need some specific gift ideas -- consider this shortlist! ...more

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Green Gifts Don't Have to Suck: Green Holiday Gift Guide

Because there are ways to opt out of the madness and still enjoy the season. And gift giving can be a beautiful thing when you remove all the ulterior motives behind gift choices and concentrate on the happiness of all involved. With that in mind, here are my top ten guidelines for happily green gift giving. ...more

we focused on green alternatives for children's gift exchanges. Trying to think outside the ...more

Top Eight Things I Want for Mother's Day

By Melinda   Why top eight?  Because I could not think of ten things.  Ok, here is my list:   -happy, healthy children and husband   -a world where we all live sustainably and green.....  ...more

Holiday Buying: More Pressure Today Than 40 Years Ago?

Once upon a time there was a little girl whose only wish was for a Barbie Country Camper. This was 1971. For simplicity's sake, let's call the little girl Beth. Beth had seen the Barbie Country Camper in Saturday morning TV commercials, and she wanted her Barbies to have the fold-out picnic table, pop-out tent, sleeping bags, and camper kitchen. The Barbie Country Camper was the first and most important item in her long list of wants that she secretly wrote and mailed to Santa Claus. And for two weeks before Christmas, she dreamed about the Barbie Country Camper when she went to bed at night.Christmas Eve, she didn't even go to sleep at all. Butterflies danced in her stomach and Country Camper thoughts raced through her head. When Christmas morning finally arrived, she raced downstairs to find under the tree the Barbie Country Camper she'd been waiting for! She raced over to the Barbie Country Camper, grabbed it to her chest, and hugged it. And then she looked at the gift tag."To Fran, Love Santa"WTF? Okay, she didn't say WTF because there weren't text messages in 1971, and she wouldn't have known what F stood for anyway.  But still, WTF? ...more

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Holiday Shopping Made Easy: Coupon Codes and Special Savings

Forget Black Friday and the shopping at 4 a.m. nonsense! In preparation for the holidays, here are some online deals that are too good to pass up. Besides, you need your beauty sleep! I know MommyQ does... ...more

Eco-Holiday Gifts for Men: Supporting Small Green Businesses

This holiday you have the choice to support economically-challenged green small businesses as you select holiday gifts for the special men in your life. ...more