Getting All Medieval (with Borax)

Yeah, it's about time.  After I tossed most of the fumes causing, headache awakening cleaning products in the Product Purge of '12 here, I still needed something hardcore for removing things like soap scum, hard water, and plain ol' dirty grime.  Like a lot of other greener things I'm learning, sometimes we have to take a step back- and in this case, it's going old school aka getting all medieval on the bathtub and bathroom sinks....more
Cool.  I took the Borax to the mold - did a good job of that. But have to try letting it "rest" ...more

Green Your Caffeine

Can you believe that every day, citizens of our planet down 2.5 billion cups of coffee? And that in America alone, more than 450 million servings of "joe" are quaffed daily? By any measure that's a lot of caffeine. And as we are prone to do at SCGH, think about the stunning amounts of waste those Herculean numbers create. All those coffee filters and grounds, and all those paper cups, enough yearly to circle the globe 55 times when placed end to end! ...more

I saw your appearance and wanted to say that this piece really caught my attention. I'm always ...more

lim(b) projects begin

m o r e (projects)I'm kicking off the new year by sharing with you any projects I embark on in 2009 that promote balance and simple, light, conscious living in hopes one or two may inspire both me and you. ...more

Quick Autumn Green Home Tips

     With Autumn almost here, it will soon be getting cold (It will, won't it??) and you’ll be reaching for the thermostat to keep your home warm.  But, before you blast the house with heat, try the following…   continue reading at ...more

Green House Makeover: Eco Friendly Hardwood Flooring

When I purchased a 1920s Colonial for renovation, I wanted to maintain its original character yet use as many eco-friendly products and features as possible. The house had the original hardwood floors throughout; Douglas Fir on the first floor and Southern Yellow Pine on the second floor. Both were shabby. The first floor showed plenty of discoloration, large scratches and even a hump in the middle of the floor. The second floor was partially covered in hideous pink ceramic tiles, so we weren't sure what would happen. ...more