Three-Day Juice Cleanse Recap!

Congratulations to those of you who completed the three-day cleanse! I almost didn’t make it myself. There was a debatable moment when I had to order chamomile tea (and only chamomile tea) at brunch with my cousin, who had a veggie burger and fries, but I powered through....more

Going Green with juice

In this post, I would like to take a daring move to attempt a pure green smoothie. In other words, mainly vege only but...<!--more-->I started with a cup of spinach and a cup of milk. After the first blend, I took a sip and wow was it full of green....taste...I mean it tasted as if I was eating pure grass (not that I had tasted it before, or have I) hehehehhe....more

I'm Trying a Juice Cleanse -- Who's With Me?

Ever since reading Skinny Bitch a few summers back, I’ve been on a somewhat consistent health kick (except for the year I studied abroad in Egypt and Israel, where I i...more

5-Day Green Juice Cleanse


Commit to a Daily Healthy Habit

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us, I urge everyone to commit to a daily healthy habit. Doesn’t have to be anything life changing, can be something as simple as practicing yoga, meditation, cooking a healthy meal for your family or drinking a green juice....more

Kid Approved Green Juice Smoothie

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat their daily intake of fruits and veggies? Try introducing them to a kid approved green juice smoothie.I’ve watched my niece and nephew countless times at meal time. While Jarred (3 ½ years old) is a voracious and adventurous eater his cousin, Isabella (3 years old) isn’t always keen on eating everything presented to her....more

Adventures with Carrot Pulp (Crackers + Cake)

I’ve been juicing like mad. If you follow me on Twitter you know I almost always tweet out my daily green juice.  Monday I posted a split pea soup recipe using a green juice base (instead of veggie stock). All this juicing means I end up with a lot of veggie pulp. Last week I intentionally juiced a big glass of carrot juice specifically for the pulp. I had things I wanted to try....more

yes, yours will look great! I hope you try it!

JL is a food and fitness writer. She ...more

Very Veggie Split-Pea Soup

I was reading food blogs on Sunday morning, as I do, and I read a great idea on my pal Carrie on Vegan’s blog— use green juice as a base for soup. So I grabbed my pressure cooker and did just that! ...more