An Architect's Journey to Turn a Scrap of This and Remnants of That into Fine Homes

Christine Bleyhl is not the stereotypical architect in black clothing.  She often dresses in soft, fall colors that compliment her flowing auburn hair and former copper-colored Volvo. ...more

Green Kitchen: What You Need to Know

I've often considered home cooking to be one of the best things you can do on your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. Cooking gets you away from the very unsustainable industrial food system and supports good health. At our house, the kitchen is the joyful center of our universe since Mr....more

Can't Beat an Egg Beater

I love new fangled kitchen gadgets, but wouldn't trade my old fashioned, heavy duty egg beater.Why? A zillion reasons. For one, my grandmother used one and every time I use mine, I'm reminded of cooking with her. Then, I like using hand power knowing that if the grid goes down, I can still make whipped cream. Finally, I enjoy putting my energy into my food, feeling a connection with the eggs as they get frothy and the raw cream as it whips up. It's just plain satisfying to feel the power of the beaters create a tasty treat....more
@HomeRearedChef Ha! Engineers love the gears...and the egg beater's got plenty of 'em. :) Go Bob!more

Give your Kitchen a Spring Greening

Béa Johnson, a mother of two living in a suburb just north of San Francisco, runs what she calls a “zero waste home.”  After reading about her in this issue of Sunset Magazine, I found her to be both inspiring, and a little fanatical.    Béa has become so de...more

I was walking by a case of perrier and resisted the purchase because I hate having the bottles ...more

Green Kitchen

The last time I used an electric can opener that someone gave me as a wedding gift, I used it to call the cat when I couldn't find her. Now, someone is proposing using a manual can opener as an innovative way to go green continued at ...more