Eco-Friendly DIY Dishwasher Pods

DIY Green Dishwasher Biscuit Recipe Video ...more

How To Plant Your Own Spaghetti Pot

Will the Supreme Court finally wrestle the Monsanto monster to the ground?

Today Abby Martin interviews Bill Freese, 'science policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety, about the Supreme Court case between Monsanto and one Indiana farmer, and the implications this could have on international agro-business'...and even on every little farmer around the country like us on Higher Ground....more

Waste-Free Solutions to Gift Wrapping

'Tis the season of shopping, eating, drinking, wrapping and decorating, followed by more eating, more shopping, more drinking and some unwrapping. (This will be followed by resolutions, returns and extreme dieting, but hey, that's not until January.)...more
My parents always used newspaper - especially the weekend comics since they're full color. I use ...more

Delicious Ways to Reduce Food Waste

In this day and age, we all do our best to look out for the planet. Whether by recycling our papers, plastics, and cans, using homemade facial products or cleaning solutions, investing in bikes or organizing carpools, or refilling our (BPA free) plastic water bottles, rather than purchasing disposable ones, most of us have incorporated small, eco-conscious efforts into our daily rhythms....more

Reject Disposables, Keep the Cash

Do you find yourself frustrated with how much trash your family is generating? Feel the same about how much money you're spending? I'm here to tell you that you can decrease the amount of garbage you produce while also saving money. How? By saying buh-bye to almost all the disposable products in your life. (Okay, perhaps not every disposable product, as I am a huge fan of toilet paper.) ...more
Get some cloth produce bags so you don't have to bring home your produce in plastic bags. I got ...more

Viva Das Blackberries


Gifts of Impermanence

If you have ever moved - ever packed up your worldly belongings and lugged them from place to place - then you will appreciate this rhetorical question: How much 'stuff' does one really need? Other than a ukulele and a grain grinder, I can't say I want for anything right now, which is why I'm asking my Loved Ones to gift me (and others) with Things That Go Away. For example:Candles...more
I am in total support of your ideas! All of the suggestions sound attractive to me, but ...more

Shopping Outside the Box = Win $100

How Green Is Your Airline?

I recently returned from a plane trip and admittedly, I enjoyed the amenities: wrapped headphones, napkins and ice-cold Coke in a can. Once home, however, I found myself going through what I used that day and wondering how much of it would be recycled by the airlines. Image: √oхέƒx™ via Flickr ...more
I can assure from knowing many flight attendants, no airlines are recycling... and if they are ...more