DIY Wool Dryer Balls

The Man is the primary laundry-doer here at the Homestead, which is something that I'm ever-so-grateful for. He was asking me the other day if there are any all-natural alternatives to chemical  dryer sheets, to deal with the pesky problem of all the static we get in the laundry this time of year, when all those fleece pajamas are in the wash. I had heard of wool dryer balls, though I had never tried them myself before....more

What the SLS?

I really shouldn’t write a blog… especially posts addressing my ethical dilemmas. Every time I do, I just open up a whole new can of worms for myself. The first time it happened was about knitting yarn ethics… to such an extent that I actually ended up making a whole can of yarn worms:...more
Thanks for checking out the site. SLS isn't harmful if used as recommended (less than 1%) it is ...more

Green Juice For Colds & Energy (recipe)

The past couple days I haven't been feeling well. I believe being busy and stressed this past week took a toll on my immune system. I woke up yesterday morning with a sinus headache, little head cold and very tired. Obviously the best medicine is, rest. But lets be serious, us moms have no time for resting when we're sick....more

End Food Waste. Stop Tossing the Ugly Ones.

[image via The Mutato Project] ...more

City Farming: A Real Solution for the Englewood Community and Other Urban Food Deserts in Chicago

 On June 18, 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a special event held at a local City Farm fresh market situated in Northeast Chicago. This event was generously sponsored by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for the purpose of supporting Resource Center’s latest initiative in sustainable urban farming....more

March Earthy Style Picks

March Earthy Style Picks Earthy Style means to me, vegan, fair trade, organic, conflict free , up-cycled and vintage goods.  That make you feel good but are making the earth feel better!  We are all connected in the universe!  We need to be aware of everything we consume. ...more

Going Vegan

   I have been thinking about going Vegan for a while now. I have been watching the documentaries, reading the articles on going Vegan, and I think I am ready. The great thing about this, is my wife is willing to go vegan too. That will make this much easier....more