Choosing Cloth Diapers For My Babies

I have a tendency to throw myself into new endeavors full-force; to go all out, whole hog, and to try to be the very best (or at least, my very best) within the context of each new experience. Motherhood has certainly been no exception. ...more

Urban Farms - A Great Family Day Out!

This week we're thrilled to have a guest blog from Rachel Bull, editor of Live Urban Love Rural ...more

Sprouting at home

 I know how often I have to kick down the name Anna when I am talking about my fun adventures, but can't help it, I learn a ton from her. Anna is such a great lady, mother, friend, and citizen to mother nature, so credit is given where due!!   ...more

Find a different way to decorate!!! Latex balloons are dangerous!

When balloons fragment, and a piece is aspirated into the airway, the Heimlich maneuver is generally ineffective. The balloon, when placed over the airway, acts like a diaphragm and moves up and down with air movement, and generally fails to dislodge in position....more

Farm-to-Bedroom: Organic Mattresses

Farm-to-table (or Farm-to-fork) refers to food safety and the stages of production in food harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sales, and consumption. Farm-to-bedroom is the newest concept in organic and local offerings in the wool mattresses and organic mattresses business. Never before has this concept been adopted by a company looking to make an impact in the health and well being of its consumers. The company I work for, The Futon Shop in San Francisco, has made this their mission....more
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For My Children's Health: Drawing the Line in the Sand

While I am a child of the ‘60’s I was too young to be part of the Vietnam protests or the rallies for the Environment leading up to the first Earth Day in 1970. As I learn more and more about the impacts and effects of climate change, and I see first hand how the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is directly affecting my children’s health, I have decided to take a stand and risk arrest for cleaner air for my children, for their health, for their future and for mine....more

Fit and Fearless Mothers

I would like to introduce myself. I am Ginger Garner, a women's health specialist in medical therapuetic yoga and physical therapy.Please give my blog a vist, Breathing In This Life.You'll find tons of free information, downloads, and tips for new and expectant mothers - and even dads too!BITL is a blog of Support for women and mothers living Fit and

If Parents Don't Protect Their Kids from Harmful Chemicals, Who Will?

Being a parent today seems to require a hyper-vigilance to make sure your child is protected from unhealthy -- sometimes even toxic -- chemicals in their toys, clothing, eating utensils, furniture, household items, and more. Between lead-based paint, PVC and phthalates in toys, bisphenol A (BPA) in water bottles, flame retardant in pajamas and recently cadmium in drinking glasses, there's a lot to keep moms and dads on their toes. ...more

I am on the same page with everyone on this thread. But, there is a fair amount that we can do ...more