Go Green, Period: I Tried a Reusable Menstrual Cup

If you're like me, you're looking for ways to improve upon your efforts at green living.  Here's my latest step. Since the return of my period when my daughter was 14 months old, I have been a GladRags girl.  GladRags are reusable cloth menstrual pads, and in my five years of using them, I have loved them!  They are so much more comfortable  than disposable menstrual pads, they are obviously cheaper in the long run and better for the environment, and they are multi-purpose--I wear them when I am s...more

I had a really hard time with them learning how to use pads correctly and then tampons. It was a ...more

New York Times, Take This!

A recent New York Times article, in classic "all the news that's fit to print" fashion, declared that the bevy of green consumer products introduced over the past five years is going the way of the buffalo and Circuit City, i.e. headed for extinction. ...more

Earth Day 2010: Buying Green vs. Being Green

Right now, my e-mail inbox is bursting with Earth Day PR pitches. "Please tell your readers to buy a T-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles, a recycled toothbrush, compostable cups and biodegradable plates, organic "me-shirts," bioplastic iPhone case and baby wipes, reusable containers and utensils, green tips from L'Oréal, organic cotton sheets, Sunchips in biodegradable bags, green cleaning products, eco-friendly jewelry, organic underwear, organic salad greens, or an American flag made from recycled plastic..." ...more

Great post. I have been searching for this exact info for a while now. I will bookmark it in ...more

Giveaway for a $25 ecoStoreUSA Gift Certificate

MommaYoung has a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to ECOStoreUSA.  Great products with "No Nasty Chemicals (tm)"   ...more

Reduce Dishwashing, Grow a Better Garden, and Reduce Your Trash-- All at Once

Anybody that has either: has children who seem to make the number of dishes in your sink quadruple, loathes doing dishes day after day, or is currently buying plastic cups for whatever reason (and feels even a little bit guilty for clogging landfills to save a few minutes of time) -- have I found something for you. My laziness and aversion to doing dishes has paid off for both of us.   ...more