Japanese Matcha Tea

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The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Sometimes, we can’t see what’s right in front of us.A few weeks ago this was literally the case.  I was sitting on my deck thinking about what to write about this week and the answer was right in front of my eyes…I had spent the past hour in my kitchen brewing the perfect iced green tea.  And there it was, on the table directly in front of me.  The answer to this month’s food dilemma....more

Gluten Free Match Almond Muffins

Hi there!  And so the green posts continue, in hopes to entice spring to stick around for a bit.Green tea and coconut become soft and deliciously chewy to create this unique muffin.  Matcha is finely ground green tea and it gives these muffins their beautiful hue as well as adding a punch of healthful antioxidants....more


We have all heard or read about “the almighty green tea” and how it can do wonders from helping you lose weight to preventing cancer and reducing heart disease. A good portion of MD Beauty Secrets’ skin care products contains green tea. Thus, we want to educate you on why we chose green tea as a primary ingredient in our skin care line....more

6 Calorie Green Tea Lemonade

You could say that I’ve become a bit obsessed with green tea lately....more

Sip Green Tea for Weight Loss

New research indicates sipping green tea can help with weight loss.  Green tea has zero calories and includes catechins, which when combined with caffeine actually speeds up your metabolism.  A faster metabolism increases then number of calories you burn from fat, according to a professor of nutrition at Tufts University....more

Green Tea Facial Scrub

Tea With Rae! Three Green Greats!

Guidelines for Preparing Tea

I've gotten to know countless individuals who hate how tea tastes, but I tend to believe that in most cases, they just have never tried tea that had been brewed the correct way. With each kind of tea in essence having its own unique way of preparation, it's not difficult to see why people often do not know the best method to brew their tea. And when you make a key mistake, you'll have a terrible cup of tea. Luckily, you can generally use almost any method for pretty much any type of tea....more