The Powers of Green Tea

Ahhh!  I love green tea.  Do you all know the wonders of green tea?  I think this is one of the best drinks a busy mom can consume besides water of course.  Green tea is how I start my mornings.  For a busy mom like me, it is pretty convenient and an easy way to stay    healthy.  One of the most important things we can do as momsis to stay healthy so we can take care o...more
We have loads of green tea in our cabinet.  It's been something I loved way back when, but these ...more

Green Tea Soup

I usually highlight a particular ingredient in a recipe that has breast cancer prevention properties. This recipe has two ingredients that have been shown in studies to reduce breast cancer risk. Many of the recipes here also have antioxidant properties that are good for other types of cancer prevention too....more

Getting Healthy

If I had it my way, my diet would consist of fruits, vegetables, chicken (grilled or baked), seafood, water with 3 slices of lemon, and various nuts.  Man, that would be great! But, alas, I have 2 sons and a husband to feed, who enjoy more than the plethora of nuts and berries I like. Recently, I have started to change the foods we eat....more

Is Chocolate Healthy? Part 1

You have probably heard the good news: chocolate is good for your health. But is it really? How can those fabulously rich brownies and other yummy chocolate treats we love be healthy when they are also responsible for expanding our derrieres? I decided to investigate the claim that chocolate is healthy and share my findings with you....more

Green Your Caffeine

Can you believe that every day, citizens of our planet down 2.5 billion cups of coffee? And that in America alone, more than 450 million servings of "joe" are quaffed daily? By any measure that's a lot of caffeine. And as we are prone to do at SCGH, think about the stunning amounts of waste those Herculean numbers create. All those coffee filters and grounds, and all those paper cups, enough yearly to circle the globe 55 times when placed end to end! ...more

I saw your appearance and wanted to say that this piece really caught my attention. I'm always ...more

Antioxidants - Nature's Gift!

We hear about antioxidants everyday and the benefits they provide to your overall health. Additionally, antioxidants get quite a bit of exposure in skin care products. So what are antioxidants and what exactly do they do? Read more  Carol Belanger, author of 300+ Skin Care Recipes Visit Complete Skin Care Therapy for skin care rec...more

Ingredient Spotlight: Green Tea

I want to address the issue of green tea in two different ways in this post.  First I’ll explain how drinking green tea benefits your health, and secondly I’ll explain how the topical application of green tea helps your skin. And as always please note that I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor, but I am careful to pass along information from reputable sources.  Please see the end of each section of this post for my sources.   The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea ...more

Add Antioxidants to Your Home Skincare Regime

This post deals with the topical use of antioxidants in skincare products.  In addition, this post is meant only as an introduction to the whole idea of why you should incorporate skincare products with antioxidants in them into your daily skincare routine since the topic of antioxidants is a very large and complicated one.  There is always new research being published about the topical use of antioxidants and about antioxidants in general.  Sometimes it seems as if almost everyday a new, powerful antioxidant has been discovered.  This post will try to sta...more

Forever Young - Garlic Is Among 8 "Stay-Young Foods"

Move over Botox and facelifts. Hello, grapefruit, almonds, avocados and garlic. Why pay for chemicals and surgery, when there are various healthful foods and beverages that can also help prevent aging, in addition to strengthening your health, increasing your energy and improving your mood? ...more

Chill out with a cool green drink -- that has an eco-ethical mission too!

I hear it's gotten cold in some parts of the country, but we had a perfect summer day in Los Angeles today. So for those who live in similar weather -- or who just love chilled drinks whatever the temperature is outside, here are my top 3 recommended eco-ethical drinks to quench your thirst while supporting a good cause: ...more