My Ideal Social Network: It's Not Google Plus. It's Less.

With the launch of Google+, I have come to realise (as I am sure you have too) that I am on too many social networks right now: I am member of Quora, BlogHer, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Technorati, Digg, Gov social networks (GovLoop, GCPedia, GC Forums, GC Connex) and countless more I've joined and have since forgotten about or stopped using....more
Oh, you want a weblog. The problem is how to expose a weblog to social circles. I use Twitter, ...more

.WWF "Green" File Format Won't Reduce Your Printing (But E-Ink Could)

World Wildlife Fund sent a newsletter out earlier this week for Earth Day which encouraged people to reduce printing by adopting a new file format: .WWF It would seem that the "Think before you print" campaign and the increasing digitization of the workplace have not realised the elusive "paperless office" we've been hearing about since computers entered our lives....more

Smart girls make the news

Natalie Portman and Free The Children, are fundraising to help send girls to Free The Children’s new all-girls’ highschool in Kenya,  and you can win the chance to go to Kenya on a Me to We trip. If you’re between 13 and 21 and believe that girls can change the world, it’s time to get creative....more

This is how the school is going to look like ad it's powered by solar panels - go green ...more

Make it Right with Green Technology - BUILD not just for today

Nature claims back the territory that was taken from it. Let’s not forget we are the results from previous actions, we are at the mercy of greedy miscalculations made by our ancestors when they built the cities we live in. We are walking on the same footsteps if we decide to ignore the importance of the environment and not prepare to the changes the climate is warning us to be ready....more

The people and legislators have greater knowledge of how they can help bring their country into ...more

I Can See Clearly Now...Not?!

I am not old enough to remember, but I have heard plenty of stories from older folks about how a literal cloud of smog once hung over downtown Los Angeles. On a perfect sunny morning, you could see only the lower floors of buildings, no real skyline. This is hard to imagine now, as air quality has improved SO much over the past three decades that downtown L.A. can now join the ranks of other major American cities with its own signature views....more

Just saw it today-- good to see the rally going ...more

Small Business Tip: Entrepreneurs Lead the Way in Green IT

The second annual Green IT trend survey by CDW Corporation is out and entrepreneurs are not letting the current economic downturn stall green IT initiatives.  In fact, researchers found small businesses are the most likely to invest in Green IT in the...more