Have green thumbs? Plant a garden this summer.

Does your loved one have a ‘look’ that is expected every time the sun shines – that of someone with dirty knees and a green thumb?...more

A dose of beauty

I was a little down and discouraged this morning. No particular reason, really... it was just one of those days where life felt a little flat and colourless, and most definitely uninspiring. Plus, the cat threw up several times, which was both gross and (though my husband always reminds me that "cats will do that") worrisome. (As you might imagine, any time your almost-20-year-old-cat is off-kilter, healthwise, it's concerning.) ...more
 @Isabel_Anders What a lovely quote! Thank you, Isabel.more

A Garden of Our Own

One of my favorite childhood memories is of helping my father with backyard gardening chores. I loved pulling up weeds (yeah, I’m a little weird), digging holes for seeds, and of course watching the itsy bitsy sprouts grow into big, vegetable-producing plants. ...more

Thumbs Up

The spring is progressing nicely.  We have managed to dodge the Toto-like weather, and my garden is planted and starting to grow.  The mixture of rain, humidity, and sunshine has contributed to my green thumb abilities....more

SpringTime is Garden Time

The transition time between the frigid, wet winter (yes, it gets cold and wet in Southern California too!) and the heat of the summer is, by far, my favorite time of the year. Growing up on the East Coast, spring came in spits and spats with the crocus bulbs blooming through patches of snow and the first robin spotted on the front lawn that looked like it had not seen the sun for months. But once the snow was completely gone and people braved the outdoors wearing only a t-shirt (even though it was still cool outside) you knew that spring had finally arrived in all its glory....more

Lessons from the Garden ... or Not

My name is Mir, and I'm a vegetable gardener. Rather, I want to be a gardener. I mean, I garden. I do. But I have no idea what I'm doing. ...more

I've been considering taking up on gardening, so this write up was very entertaining!more

No Gardens To Plant

(First of a series, from Patricia Yarberry Allen.) ...more

Earth Promise blog: Green Thumb or Not; Change Your Eating Habits

Michelle Obama’s White House garden is inspiring.  The First Lady’s agricultural endeavor both introduces and reminds people to get closer to the land; to conserve Earth’s precious resources; and the importance of growing their own healthy food.  For some people this is feasible; for others, both time and natural space interfere with this green-thumb movement. ...more