How I Saved Money On My Wedding By Going Green

Weddings can be expensive, yo. And they produce a lot (like a LOT) of waste for just one day of your life. While my dirty-hippie heart is thrilled that more and more couples are taking that into consideration and planning greener weddings whether they be eco-conscious or just eco-curious, I am decidedly less-than-thrilled when companies charge a sneaky "green tax" for their more earth-friendly products and services. That monkey business just don't jive with me!...more

Recycle, Re-Use or Donate Your Wedding Dress

Whether you've just celebrated your own wedding day or your daughter's, you may be left with one souvenir you don't need to hold on to: the dress.Yes, you can keep it in a bag in the back of your closet for the next 20 years and hope someone, someday will wear it again....more

The Recycled Bride

Good news for brides inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, classic is back. Fabrics, silhouettes and accessories borrowed from the 1940s through 1960s offer brides the opportunity to start with the basics and enhance them with luxurious finishing touches. This is great news for the Eco-conscious bride. By shopping Vintage, not only will your "recycled dress" be following the fashion curve and saving money, our environment will reap the rewards by reducing the use of the earth's natural resources needed for a new one. ...more