Kale Stuffed Pork Chops

Today is the first day of fall!! Celebrate fall with this great southern style supper. It may take a little time, but these Kale Stuffed Pork Chops have the potential to change the minds of green-haters and may even bring about a cute southern accent (hopefully not as strong as David's). ...more

Spruce Up Your Entryway with Holiday Greens!

It always depresses me when I have to take the flowers out of my beautiful pots around the front door. I like to leave them in as long as possible but Mother Nature usually makes the decision for me on when to take them out. It seems we always have an early frost (or earlier than I would like!) and it zaps them. Bam. Beautiful one day, dead and rotting the next. It makes me so sad. ...more

Chicken Stuffed With Creamy Spinach And Kale


Ginger & Greens Chicken Soup


Sweet and Spicy Swiss Chard Wraps

These Sweet and Spicy Swiss Chard Wraps are MacGyver’s signature dish. They are beautiful and delicious, can be made raw or cooked (both discussed below), are flexible and easily adapted to what you have on hand, and just happen to be vegan. This delicious vegan dinner idea is just about as nutritious as you can get and has a flavor both kids and adults love. Depending on what you choose to fill them with, cooking time is next to zero, though there is a lot of chopping and assembly time involved....more
James Struthers Thanks for the positive feedback!  I can't really take the credit, since the ...more

Knowing Your Greens : Kale (curly, Scots Kale)

Kale sounds so boring, but it can be exotic, too.  There's lacinto and dinosaur and they can have colorful stems in yellow, orange, and purple! I grew up on iceberg lettuce.  It's green (really more white/yellow than green) and a veggie, but doesn't hold a lot of nutritional bank.  It's like roughage.  Fibrous filler.  Lots of water content; all great for your colon.  But since we don't eat piles of it, this could all be pointless.  I want to spend my time eating super greens!...more

Roasted Farro with Greens and Grilled Chicken

A few months ago I posted once of my favorite healthy recipes, Farro and Kale Salad, and today I bring you another one of my new favorites: Roasted Farro with Greens and Grilled Chicken. This dish is delicious, healthy, and a great combination of different flavors (some lemon, a little cheese, greens, grains and chicken)....more
Do you think you could substitute wheat berries for the faro in this recipe. I know they are ...more

Not-Yo-Moma's Mixed Greens

What could be better than a vegetable garden? A friend with a garden!My dear friend Pat brought me a grocery bag full of greens today: beet greens, turnip greens, radish greens. They were the prettiest mess of greens I’ve ever seen (in the South, they’re a “mess” if there’s enough for the whole family). Pat’s greens were young, tender, not a blighted spot anywhere. Just perfectamous. We had a horribly hot and dry summer that was hard on Pat’s garden, but the fall has brought rewards to her patient sowing and hoeing....more
@HomeRearedChef PS I love collards, too, and feel very virtuous eating them with all those ...more

greens 'n' beans...

A friend brought me a beautiful big bunch of mustard greens from her garden. They have a good bite, she warned me, but I already knew that. Mustard greens are wonderful, hot and dense in flavor, but they want cooking.Now this is not really the "southern" style of cooking greens, although it could be. You know how my "recipes" are; you can (and I hope you <i>will</i>) change it up to suit yourself! This time I made it vegetarian-style and sort of "Mediterranean" (olive oil, no butter or lard or...) just simple and good.It is a take on an appetizer I had at......more

How to get your husband/kids to eat greens without really trying

I've been searching for more recipes that are really tasty, highly nutritious and easy to make.  I stumbled upon  a chocolate smoothie from Dr. Fuhrman's book, "Eat for Health".  It sounded pretty good and figured I'd like it.  What I didn't expect was my husband to not only like it but request it the very next night for a dessert.  Chocolate Smoothie (2 servings)5 oz organic baby spinach ( I use frozen, but it doesn't matter.)2 c frozen blueberries1/2 c soy milk (or milk of your choice)1 medium banana...more