How to Save A Life

It's been almost six years since we lost my stepson in a four-wheeling accident. And after recently watching Grey's Anatomy and watching the fictional Meredith Grey have to sign the papers to disconnect her husband, McDreamy, from the machines keeping him alive and standing by the bed while he took his last breathe, my life was once again transported to the hours we spent in that Indiana hospital. Unlike the character on television, Timothy's organs were viable and available for donation. And when the choice was given to my husband and Timothy's mother about organ donation just shortly after we were told he was brain dead, my husband never skipped a beat in answering "Yes" because he knew Timothy wouldn't have wanted it any other way....more

Grey's Anatomy and Tucson: We're All the Wife in the Waiting Room

Last week, Grey's Anatomy aired an eerily timed January premiere with themes and plot lines very similar to the shooting in Arizona just two days later. And I've gotta be honest. It moved me. ...more

All I kept thinking after watching that episode is if it had been scheduled to air after the ...more