Love Left Behind

Four weeks ago, we lost our beloved cat, Simon. It was a sudden and unexpected loss and even now, the thought that he is no longer with us makes me sob uncontrollably....more

Your dog's inside with a bottle of Pinot Noir...

It was a sad couple hours tonight...I was just taking a quick nap (it's cold, it's dark, I need a nap just to get through the rest of the night) when my daughter knocked on the door...the neighbors were here and were crying...they had just come home and found their dog had died in front of the back door of the kitchen... There are very few things that can wake me up instantly out of a nap, but that's one of them.  Their beautiful dog Ice, was as striking as her name suggested...she was a husky rescue, with ice cold blue eyes, if she had been human she would've been&nb...more
Actually, we called her boner because she was such a bonehead.  It was my exhusband's name for ...more