What Kind of Mother Has No Child 2016 on BlogHer

Mother's Day is coming.Radio stations are running contests while television commercials are crammed with everything from flowers to chocolate to fine jewelry.Everyone wants us to remember our mothers, to pay tribute to women everywhere, females who know what that classroom is all about......from diaper changes and colic and singalongs and all things Gerber Baby......more

Don't Want To Be A Ballerina Without You

Throughout my younger years, I took dance classes off and on again. It was around eleven years old that I wound up having an experience which would shape the course of my life; impacting me deeply forever more. Up until this point, I never gave serious thought to what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was always just the unrealistic fantasy of filling in the gaps of classical training I had missed during the months I wasn't enrolled and becoming a world famous ballerina, somehow....more

What Inspires You? Kathy Tumilson

Have you ever met someone that was a pillar of strength to all around them? A true matriarch of her family? I have.  Her name is Kathy Tumilson.  Kathy is a wife, nurse, friend, grandmother, and a mom of two strong, beautiful daughters and a son. Her title of mom doesn't just stop at mom, though.  She is a mom to many and referred by many as Mama T. Even more importantly, Kathy is a gold star mom....more

Burning Down the Past

Here's my latest. Enjoy and pass it on....more

When You Hurt

Here's my latest. Enjoy and pass it on....more

Insecurity and Doubt

Have you ever had a moment where you quickly judged a stranger and immediately found yourself not liking them? You have no basis for this, but you tend to quickly judge someone for their fashion, or lack there of. Or quickly call someone a jerk because they cut you off in traffic. Maybe this person was at the park with their kids and let their child steal a toy from yours. Do you find yourself judging the "unlovable?"...more