Why the hardest things to do are sometimes the best thing for you

It's been almost 6 months exactly since my ex called off the wedding, and 3 months since we broke-up.  When you've been with someone for over 5 years, you really don't realize how much that person has become part of your life and part of you until you have to let them go.  You don't realize how many different types of grieving you have to go through to heal.  Last June, I grieved the loss of my next step in life's journey with my love.  In September, I then had to grieve the loss of the romantic relationship....more

"Good Grief" by Granger Westberg

Good Grief, by Granger Westberg, was recommended to me by our pastor when Robert was hospitalized for the final time. I didn’t read it until this past winter....more

Hello, Grief, I thought you'd pissed off already

There are milestones in the year – birthdays, anniversaries, special times – which were celebrated in life and which are then necessarily commemorated after the death of a loved one.It is these milestones which remind me every year that I am not in control of the grieving process.Being one used to being in control of herself, events and others, this size does not fit well on me....more


deardoug, Today was the perfect day, warm, sunny day. Started with a tasty cup of coffee while watching the teenage bluejays gobble up all the seed at the feeders; three times I refilled them. Then a walk in the woods with the horses and dogs. Time spent with a friend looking for her first horse.  Some greasy fries and a hot dog at a little place that hasn't changed in 15 years. A call to my Son to wish him a good trip, his first vacation in 7 years....more
Dear Doug, Now it is Saturday and I hadn't shed a tear until today. Darn it, several days and no ...more

Three Days

After that first, warm, early spring-like day—that last family therapy session on our little patio—when Olivia announced she wanted to finish the 11th grade in the coming eight weeks then move to her father’s a state away and drop out of high school, I walked around in a trance for three days. I washed dishes, drove, taught class, shopped for groceries, and finished cleaning the bathroom sink just in time to greet the therapist when she arrived for her last session alone with Olivia....more


Today has been a long day.  I celebrated a memorial service for "Spanky", it was sad, and it was difficult. He died way too young, 34, and he died sadly. slowly succumbing to his addiction until his body just gave out. I grieve deeply, but the day I stop grieving is the day I quit because as I read through the Bible this Lent I see a God who grieves for us, and calls us to grieve for others, to suffer with them....more

2nd part of My mom and my Bella Rose

Second part  -error I somehow got confused in my ending and I posted incorrectly, it was supposed to read: we had just celebrated mom’s birthday the  previous month and now, that weekend was the last Mother’s Day weekend that we shared with my mom. ....As the Hospice came to the house that following Monday, it was an experience like no other. All of mom’s children with the exception of one, sat around the table as she went into detail as to what to expect. I still was in shock as surely I know so were my brothers and sisters....more

Grief - (Grieving Is Emotionally Painful)

Whenever you or a love one experiences a significant loss, serious illness or death it is normal to experience grief. There are many other types of losses that occur in life that can result in grief as well. Recovery issues, divorce, financial, relocation, career change, natural disasters as well as a miscarriage or abortion can all trigger one to experience a degree of grief. The initial reaction to any of the above is usually shock accompanied by a feeling of numbness. Grief can often result in one feeling a deep sense of hopelessness and or abandonment....more

My friend Vickie died last night and I'm furious

I fucking hate cancer and I have a particular hatred for breast cancer, especially when it steals away a star like Vickie S.  It's just not fucking fair that someone who is 50 years old, who has a 14 year old boy and has spent the last 4-5 years healing herself dies from fucking breast cancer.You have to understand this about Vickie, those of you who will never have the joy of knowing her because she died too fucking young:...more
Thank you, Victoria. The person I feel the worst for is her son. But it is too damn young no ...more