Tangled Stories: Losing a Parent

My husband is a very private man. I am not. His 93-year-old mother went into the hospital a week ago Monday, and she is gravely ill. As my father passed away just this past March, at a similar advanced age, of a very similar condition, after spending much time at the same hospital, seeing some of the same doctors, you can see I might be having a lot of feelings right now. ...more

Sorry I didn't offer my condolences the first time - I was busy crying over both your post and ...more


If you have landed here tonight looking for whimsy, snark, or a mommy truism; you may want to stop reading. No, tonight is a post for me. Sometimes you just need a post where  you can get it all out of your system; where you can rage, wallow, and come out the other end a stronger, better person for surviving. That’s what this post is going to be. This is me trying not to drown....more

Puke, And Other Catastrophes

Yay, Christmas is coming!.... right?.... anyone?I am not feeling the cheer, here.  After a weekend of Shelton puking and pooping and clinging and whining, and another morning of the same (less the puking and pooping, thank God).  After an afternoon of Danica puking and emulating Sybil to the best of her considerable ability (she'll be a star, my girl!).  I am not. feeling. the cheer.So, why were my children so sick, you ask?...more

Facing the Minefield of Memory

I have been dreading these days. The coming holidays stretch like a minefield in front of me....more

Your story is heartbreaking and I will remember it often, for many reasons. Thanks for writing ...more

The ABCs of Loss

When people we love die, we move on with life, because we have to. The closer they were to us, the longer it takes. But eventually, life's dailiness takes over: we set the alarm each day, pour cereal, prune shrubs, feed the cat....more

A Mother's Grief and the Cruelty of Strangers

The Internet has such power for so many amazing, good things. Blogging has brought me wonderful friends and such fun. But individuals with twisted minds and radical agendas can make it an ugly, ugly place. ...more

Experiencing Grief

And now I'm struggling and grieving, and I feel like I just don't know how to do it, how to get through it, how not to throw down the rest of my life and stomp and cry "It's not fair!" But nobody died, which means that outsiders don't necessarily understand. So I keep living and writing and shopping for groceries and paying the bills and trying to pretend I am not grieving every day, every hour. ...more
I think grief over a marriage is real grief. I wish you blessings in that, Barbaramore


I am in such a toxic state this week. I feel like I have this swollen mass of aching poison in the middle of my body. This horrific THING that I have to birth to feel better. The pressure increases, but does not induce labour....more

Losing My Parents, Losing My Voice

I've been trying to start a blog for a couple months now. In theory, this should be no big deal. I used to have one, for six years. And I'm a natural-born oversharer. I've brazenly talked about my failures as a wife and as a single parent on morning TV. My Facebook status updates have been a detailed record of life's minutiae, from the delight of freshly highlighted hair to the irritation of traffic jams. And once a month in the editor's letter of the magazine I ran for six years, I'd craft a simple piece, whether about my promises not to overschedule and overanticipate for the holidays or about my sense of loss for having had only one child, that would resonate with the 10 million women who might read it....more
I am so sorry for your loss.When I lost both of my parents I experienced a similar feeling of ...more

Twelve Years Later: How Widowhood Really Feels

by Michele BuchananI remember everything, or at least the things that matter. I remember every pore of his skin, the encysted bump he had on the back of his head, the way he looked like a droll rabbi when he steepled his fingers. I remember the smell of his skin. I remember the lopsided grin he’d get, so wolfish and calculating and triumphant, when he’d won an argument....more