"A long, happy life"

My Grandma Josephine died yesterday.A few hours before she passed away, I sat with the kids at the dining room table and talked to them about how sick she had grown and how her death was likely. I told them we would make the five-hour drive to Pennsylvania after dinner to hold her hand and tell her "Good-bye."...more

What Not To Say To A Grieving Person

        I talked to a friend yesterday. Her dad died. She told me she doing okay but I could hear the extreme sadness in her voice....more

What is Your "In Lieu of Flowers"?

This past weekend I attended the services for a twelve year-old girl from our school who passed away after a month-long illness including extensive hospitalization. It was a terrifically sad event. My heart broke to pieces when I heard the news of her death. She's one of those kids at school that everyone knows....more

Great comments, I really appreciate them all.

I have heard from my children that there are ...more

Saying Goodbye...

I said goodbye to my mother tonight.She's not there......more

Tangled Stories: Losing a Parent

My husband is a very private man. I am not. His 93-year-old mother went into the hospital a week ago Monday, and she is gravely ill. As my father passed away just this past March, at a similar advanced age, of a very similar condition, after spending much time at the same hospital, seeing some of the same doctors, you can see I might be having a lot of feelings right now. ...more

Sorry I didn't offer my condolences the first time - I was busy crying over both your post and ...more


If you have landed here tonight looking for whimsy, snark, or a mommy truism; you may want to stop reading. No, tonight is a post for me. Sometimes you just need a post where  you can get it all out of your system; where you can rage, wallow, and come out the other end a stronger, better person for surviving. That’s what this post is going to be. This is me trying not to drown....more

Puke, And Other Catastrophes

Yay, Christmas is coming!.... right?.... anyone?I am not feeling the cheer, here.  After a weekend of Shelton puking and pooping and clinging and whining, and another morning of the same (less the puking and pooping, thank God).  After an afternoon of Danica puking and emulating Sybil to the best of her considerable ability (she'll be a star, my girl!).  I am not. feeling. the cheer.So, why were my children so sick, you ask?...more

Facing the Minefield of Memory

I have been dreading these days. The coming holidays stretch like a minefield in front of me....more

Your story is heartbreaking and I will remember it often, for many reasons. Thanks for writing ...more

The ABCs of Loss

When people we love die, we move on with life, because we have to. The closer they were to us, the longer it takes. But eventually, life's dailiness takes over: we set the alarm each day, pour cereal, prune shrubs, feed the cat....more