BlogHers of the Week: Lesbian Dad; Spin Me I Pulsate; and Matt, Liz and Madeline

This week we couldn't help but notice a theme in some of your recommendations for BlogHer of the Week. As I started to read your posts a familiar, but long tucked away, feeling of grief arose, and I was grateful I wasn't in the office at that moment, because the tears came, then again, and again. I remembered how it felt to touch bottom, experience emptiness, and then see life slowly leak back into the picture, sometimes slowly, and other times with overwhelming, ersatz saturation like Technicolor. ...more

I read the BlogHer of the week posts I am just blown away by the power of words and the ...more

Controversial Horror Flicks "Grace" and "Orphan" Give Mothers a Bloodbath

Horror films are at heart fairy tales, and the morals of the stories tend to hit you over the head with the subtlety of a witch's oven door.  This summer, two psychological thriller/horror flicks with big buzz, Orphan and Grace, want you to know that pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and adopting a child are all selfish, destructive,bloody pursuits. Breeder beware! ...more

Thanks for your insightful comment.  (And for letting me know about the typo; it's ...more

How to Cope With Losing a Pet

For those of us who share our lives with animals, it’s inevitable that at some point, we will be dealing with losing these beloved friends.  Over the last ten years, I’ve lost three cats, and I’ve helped many clients through pet loss during the years I worked in veterinary clinics.  As a result, I’m often asked how to cope with losing a pet. ...more

Memories of Max Bond, the Real "Master Builder"

Architect J. Max Bond, Jr. who died a few months ago at 73, led a life of intelligence and fortitude in the face of ignorance and resistance, while always doing his best work. ...more

Pet Death: Part Two

In January, I wrote "Do Cats Go to Heaven?" talking about pet death. Suddenly the Arens household is revisiting this discussion, as we lost eight-year-old Bella the Monster-Eating Cat last week to acute kidney failure. ...more

Our beloved furballs...sigh...they do get so dear to us. My sympathy to you and your family for ...more

Dating Episode #0: My Elbow Was a Delicious Cake

We went around the circle in grieving group. What happened in your life this week? I was all a-giggle. “I BOUGHT PERFUME! Here smell this!” I oozed manically, extending my cleavage to Viv. I’d never bought a perfume before. Sure, I used to wear sandalwood or musk oil, smearing it through my hair before martial arts class. But I’d always been skeptical that the marketplace could come up with a fragrance that really suited me, me, me, and it seemed that every perfume I tried smelled like my Grandma, mostly half-rotten lilies, at least on me. ...more

Mother's Day Remembrance: Natalie Wolff McIntyre

by Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

How I Stopped Hating Mother's Day

By Phyillis Lombardi ...more