For Some, It's Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

A shopping center. On a bench I sit in silence A dark smudge on an otherwise brightly colored canvas. Families bustle by, Loudly arguing: Stress over locating the “perfect” gift. But little do they know That perfection Is the time spent with their loved ones. My perfect gift is non-existent: There is nothing That I want more than to have my partner back. ...more

For different reasons, this is a hard time of year for me, too.

I'm sure many people will ...more

Women moving through grief, inspiring as they go

It seems that everywhere I look these days I see people who are grieving. One friend is dealing with a mastectomy. She had been diagnosed with cancer, which is now apparently gone, but so are her beasts, breasts which she loved, celebrated, saw in a way as attached friends. She feels deep grief and deep gratitude all at once. Another friend lost her teen aged son to a freak accident, and is in the throes of a nightmarish, life-gutting grief that all but drowns her. ...more

It is such a joy when friends step up. It always surprises me who does the stepping, as well. ...more

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Aha! That's why I spend so much time on email ... an excuse not to have to write that next ...more

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