Spice Rubbed Flank Steak Tacos with Fresh Avocado Slices and Tio's Salsa

Well, it’s been quite the evening here at the Bennett Camp.  I had the brilliant idea of preparing a fun and delicious dinner of quick grilled spice rubbed flank steak tacos, with fresh organic avocado slices, Ranchero or Monterrey Jack cheese, and our favorite Tio’s Salsa, all stuffed in warm ...more

I just ate lunch and you made me hungry again. This looks delish!more

The Most Amazing Beef Burgers I've Ever Eaten

For many, many years (probably since we moved to Germany), we have been on a quest for a really good burger recipe. We've tried several that have been tasty, but they were never just right. Some of them were best suited for spreading on the bun and eating it open-faced; others just lacked flavor and excitement. ...more