Grilled Peppers Stuffed with Black Rice, Beans, and Fresh Cilantro

   As is the case with many of my culinary creations, I took a stock of what I had in my fridge, and saw some big fat juicy peppers.  I then thought those would be really good if I stuffed them with something.  I didn't have any meat, so I thought of using beans as the main stuffing ingredient instead.  But, they were too large to stuff with just beans, (that'd be a whole lot of beans for one serving), so I thought that I would mix the beans with some rice, and give it a Mexican flavor.  Since it was an amazingly nice day outside, I would grill them.  And so the creating begins...I will also detail some tasty variations.. such as adding bacon. Yes, this variation is for you if you are a vegetarian who loves bacon....more