Banh mi veggie dogs

I kind of feel bad for hot dogs. The original American street food, tasty hot dogs are a staple at baseball games, barbecues, kids’ parties, amusement parks, carnivals, food carts and iconic restaurants like Papaya King in New York City. In other words, they’re found at pretty much every fun summer venue ever invented....more

Indian Style Grilled Corn

Grill This: My Favorite Bean Burger

Let's talk beans. And rice. (Which always reminds me of "Frank and Beans! Frank and Beans!" from There's Something About Mary.) Ahem, let's turn this back into a mature, adult conversation. ...more

Teriyaki Burger

Grilling meat increases risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's

I guess I need to start boiling my meat. I mean, I certainly can't FRY it (heart disease, obesity, etc.) and now I can't GRILL it! And I was doing so well. In fact, I grill at least three times a week. Uh oh.A new study say that heat-processed animal products (e.g., grilled or broiled meats) can actually increase the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's!That's bcause they contact AGEs - advanced glycation endproducts, wich are associated with the worsening of degenerative diseases....more

Great Guestification: Smoked Brisket with Dad Salt(tm)

But Dad, It’s Smoky!...more

Chris' Marinated Grilled Steak