Perfectly Grilled Cowboy Ribeye Steaks

 PERFECTLY GRILLED COWBOY RIBEYE STEAKMeat and PoultryYear after year, it seems the countdown to the hol...more

Sriracha Avocado Turkey Burgers

Meatless Monday ~ Labor Day Cookout

Grilling isn't all about meat. Go meatless this Labor Day with these great grilling recipes:(Simply Click the images for the recipes!)...more

Smoke on the Mountain - David's 10 Steps to Succulent Pork

David loves to hunt and David loves to fish, but more than any other hobby he loves to grill. And when I say he loves to grill, THE MAN LOVES TO GRILL! It isn't that he wants to grill, the man has to grill! ...more

Healthy vegetarian hot dog topping ideas

 Hot dogs will probably never be health food.  I’m cool with that.  But that doesn’t change the fact that you and I will in all likelihood have a hot dog (or two, or twelve) at some point this summer....more

Curry spiced lentil burgers

During the summer, especially when grilling is involved, meat tends to take centre stage. Although I’m not vegetarian in the strict sense of the word, I love experimenting with plant-based recipes. One recipe I haven’t managed to nail down yet is a good veggie burger.The fact is, vegetarian burgers can be tricky to pull off. Measuring ingredients can be tedious, but when it comes to meatless burgers the wrong proportions can go horribly wrong. Think brittle or goopy or falling apart all over your grill. Not good!...more

Break Out Your Grill! Grilled Salmon Burger Recipe

Something exciting happened a couple days ago. Since a picture says a thousand words, let’s just show you:Daffodils! It’s official: spring is on its way!...more

Jalapeno Turkey Burgers with Slaw

As summer is winding down, there’s still time to enjoy your end of summer grill outs with family and friends before it gets too cold to venture outside. Now everybody knows the all-American grill out involves hamburgers and hot dogs. But what do you do when you don’t eat beef or pork, like myself? You don’t want to feel left out and you also don’t want to feel like the “special diet” person.My go to “hamburger” is my jalapeno turkey burger. These are so good you can serve them to everybody instead of beef hamburgers and they won’t be asking "where’s the beef ?"....more

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Chris and I entered a Snapguide contest with this recipe. The grand prize was a grill and a bunch of swag, and we really wanted it. We deserved it. We spent a lot of time outside in the sweltering heat, taking pictures and making this dish. We even ran out of gas for the grill in the midst of this operation and had to make a trip to get a refill. We lost. ...more

Asian beef burgers

August can be a funny time of year; it has a very in-between feel to it.  It’s like the Sunday of calendar months – you know you have to work the next day, so instead of enjoying the entire day you’re already thinking about (and dreading) Monday....more
This looks like a great recipe to spruce up an old favorite. Thanks for posting it!more