Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl

Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl...more

Never Trust People Who Put Sugar in Their Grits

I’m a Texan 1st and a Southerner 2nd, but just like anyone else from the lower eastern part of the country, grits have been a staple in my household. Nothing says Southern comfort food like a bowl of yummy creamy grits. For generations Mamas and Grannies have been feeding their families this delectable savory side dish….....more
kincannon_show Presch! From your mouth to Gods ears! I love 2 eggs over easy served right on top ...more

Lowcountry Cooking and a Recipe for Shrimp & Grits with Chipotle White Cheddar

 There’s a whole world of flavor packed into the 80 mile stretch of coastal South Carolina and Georgia that runs from the Savannah River in Georgia north to Pawley’s Island....more

Southern Shrimp and Grits

All generalizations are false, including this one. ~Mark Twain...more

Why is it everytime I read your posts my mouth salivates? This dish looks wonderful! And my ...more

Asheville's HomeGrown Shares Their Recipes!

Every restaurant has a particular feel, usually a preconceived ambiance. The owner wants to impress upon you…hip, funky, or HIGH-CLASS, casual....more

Bar Americain’s Shrimp & Grits

Bar Americain’s Shrimp & Grits ...more

RU a GRITS Girl?

Are you a GRITS Girl, you know, a Girl Raised in the South? If so, you need no primer on how to cook grits. It's in your DNA and there's no changing your mind, it's fixed and fabulous. But for the rest of us, read on ... ...more

 I am technically a "GRITS", but I too don't like to eat grits. And I don't like ...more

Ashley Judd Insults Women Voters

Ashley Judd was at the recent Clinton Global Initiative on the panel for, what seems to be a very worthwhile project, discussing healthy transitions for adolescent girls in developing countries. A program all about empowering girls, educating young women and teaching them to participate in their society and how that ...more


Let me put it to you this way, most Americans ...more

A Delicious Breakfast Discovery

I enjoy big breakfasts occasionally., but I couldn't eat them everyday, as I would feel too full.  But on a lazy weekend morning, it is nice to start the day with a plateful of food.  Whether the meal is cooked at home or ordered at a restaurant, I find it to be enjoyable. ...more

WEEKNIGHT DINNER: My Take on Shrimp and Grits, Italian Style

Oh those infamous shrimp and grits…not appealing to you? Well my Italian style will be. A simple substitution of grits for polenta turns this southern specialty into a Mediterranean summer meal. An easy yet beautiful weeknight dinner of creamy polenta, sautéed shrimp with lemon zest and garlic and sautéed summer corn finished with parsley and chives, plus a nice side of grilled summer squashes. ...more