Grits Worth Kissin' Southern Favorite Boasts Universal Appeal

"No self-respecting Southerner uses instant grits!"Ahem, I beg to differ! This line from the film My Cousin Vinny may have made the legal case for the lead character, but it doesn't hold water in my way of thinking. I also take good-natured issue with the notion that Northerners aren't able to "get" this A.M. delicacy. Let's see... Grits are an easy to make, inexpensive corn-based mush that beautifully carry the addition of heaping helpings of butter, cream and any number of cheeses. What's not to love?!...more

I have been eating the right grits. I've never liked the stuff...But everything you just ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: Grits or Polenta for a Comforting Winter Side Dish

BlogHer is doing A Month of Side Dishes for December, so for cold weather comfort food I've featured potatoes and winter squash so far. Now let's talk about grits and polenta, two slightly different takes on creamy ground corn that both taste wonderful when you need something warm in your tummy. ...more

Thanks for sharing the Romanian name with us. Sounds good!

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