Psychological Warfare In The Grocery Store & How to Fight Back

Everyone knows the purpose of a commercial on TV is to sell you a product. We also know as we watch them, or fast forward through them, that there is marketing taking place on the psychological level. Some of it is blatant and some of it is subliminal. What we don’t often consider, is that these tactics are also surrounding us each time we enter a grocery store....more
....make a list & stick to it...that way, you can't get got!more

In Defense of Grocery Store Cashiers

I chat with cashiers, visit with bank tellers, and linger at the Farmer's Market to talk with the friendly folks who barter their goods for my cash. For me, the exchange of serious business is better with real human interaction....more

How I Feed My Family of 6 on $300 a Month

It’s can be hard to live on one income for any family size, but it’s especially hard for a family of six like mine. There are a lot of things we have to sacrifice to make it work. Nothing major though, and we’re happy without those things like cable TV and week-long vacations at the beach every year. We make do. ...more
RebeccaBryant It can be hard, but honestly I love budgeting and getting so much for so little! ...more

10 ways to save money on groceries

I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but groceries prices keep inching up and up. ...more

5 (MORE) Tips for Eating on a Budget

A few months ago, I posted my 5 Tips for Eating on a Budget. For the sake of time, I cut it short. There are really so many different things you can do to stay within a strict grocery budget. These tips (and the ones I just linked to) are just a few of the things I do to stick to my own budget…I even frequently come under it!...more

Stocking your Fridge

Great advice... although we do very little of it. lol And thank you for the reminder that I ...more

What to Get at a Latin / Hispanic Grocery Store

Shopping at a Hispanic market or Latin grocery store can be intimidating for some, but if you know what to look for and how to say certain words, you will find treasures you cannot find anywhere else. Let me give you my secret shopping list to what you MUST get:ALFAJORES ...more

Is that Sale Price REALLY a Good Deal?

With the economy the way it is, food prices higher than ever and budgets stretched ever tighter... most people realize that they need to do something to help bring their food costs under control. So, with the best of intentions, you clip coupons and watch the sales ads for your local grocery stores... but did you know that you don't always get the best price possible?...more

How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?

One of the biggest budgeting expenditures for many families is the food budget. It's an area where you can often scrimp, save and cut... but you can't eliminate it. I mean, really, you can cut out entire bills when it comes to things like cable or internet (it would kind of suck, but you could). You can't eliminate feeding yourself and the kids....more