How grocery shopping more often is saving me money

Grocery shopping more often isn’t a strategy I would have thought to employ in order to save money on food. Most people would advise you to stay out of the stores in order to save money, and I would have agreed. Until…It all started with a broken fridge.Last year, my refrigerator suddenly refused to keep anything cold. It took 5 visits from a repairman to figure out (is it just me, or are fancy appliances just not worth it?) how to fix it....more

Dear Huffing and Puffing Grocery Shopper,

Dear Huffing and Puffing Grocery Shopper,I see you. You hate grocery shopping and are in a rush. You're pushing your cart as fast as you can and the tiny aisles are crowded. You just want to get in and get out of here, just like every one else. You probably got off of work early and thought that coming in the middle of the afternoon would grant you a breezy shopping experience. Well, I'm sorry that isn't working out for you....more

How to Meal Plan on a Budget

Why I Can't Return the Sour Milk

 Step into my mukluks for seventeen minutes.Minute One: Park car in lot outside “fancy” grocery store in town. As door slams, congratulate self on not locking keys inside. Simultaneously marvel at surprising deliciousness of cotton candy gum....more

Grocery Shopping on a Budget: Teaching Life Skills to My Older Kids

My older two kids (8 and 6) are old enough now that I've begun to feel I should be teaching them life skills beyond using the toilet and bathing. For several months, they have been responsible for folding and putting away their laundry and their three-year-old brother's laundry. Soon, the three-year-old will be assigned to assist them with it, but he's still more of a hindrance than a help. The oldest recently volunteered to completely take over doing their laundry, now that he's finally tall enough to reach the dryer, which is stacked atop the washing machine....more

The Big Secret to Saving Money at The Grocery Store - Is Not The Couponing!

The Big secret to saving money on groceries is not the couponing your way through the grocery store. Seriously, did I just say that?  Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but it is true....more

Pantry Doctor Approved Grocery Shopping Guide

Whoah, it's time to brush the dirt off your shoulders because it's getting a little dirty around here.  This is the first week since moving to New Jersey that I have barely had time to breathe! It's been about a week since my last post, but I'm not complaining.  All of this hustlin' and bustlin' has me thinking about a pantry makeover I am doing first thing in the morning.  Sometimes our pantries need a good cleaning out as well....more

My Experience with Peapod

Grocery shopping is sometimes always the bain of my existence. I used to love it. I loved being able to walk up and down the aisles finding new products and grabbing my food for the week. But that was back when I lived with my parents and wasn’t planning meals.Now, since I’m an adult and all, grocery shopping is a weekly task that I don’t look forward too. We try to buy a lot of our items at Sam’s Club, but obviously we can’t buy everything in bulk. 8 pounds of ground turkey anyone?!...more