How Many Fingers...?

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My Love Affair

I’m having a love affair – with Trader Joe’s. We have a secret rendezvous at least twice a week. Well, not that secret since I usually have to bring my toddler and sometimes my 5-year-old twins, too. But my children are supportive. They love Trader Joe’s as much as I do....more

Attitude at the Grocery Store?

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At The Grocery Store

When I go out I'm usually thinking about what I have to do and where I'm going.  Never do I anticipate what will come into my field of vision.In the grocery store one time there was a balding woman.  Balding means that her hair was missing past the middle of her head.  Her exposed scalp was a rich brown color and it glowed with good health.  The hair that was left was thick and beautiful.  She gave me a defiant look then went about her business....more
Others that you saw stood out in your eyes, but you stood out in the eyes of others when it ...more

First U.S. No-Packaging Grocery to Open in 2011

This month, The Brothers Lane will announce the Austin location of the first in.gredients store, which will offer no-packaging grocery shopping. The store, which is expected to open sometime in October, will let customers fill their own reusable containers with everything and anything found in a normal grocery store: local and organic products ranging from dry bulk goods and dairy to wine and beer and household cleaners. ...more
I recently saw some pieces on shows like CNN and the journal with Joan Lunden on PBS that were ...more

Surviving 5 Kids and The Grocery Store

We have a family of seven-to-ten, depending on whether my step kids are visiting; as you might imagine, we consume a tremendous amount of food. You may be thinking that our children are too small to do much damage to the pantry, but you would be wrong. These kids are born eaters, gobbling up copious amounts of grub, which gives them fuel to rush around in frenzied play burning it off just in time for the next meal. The problem with a large family eating a lot of food is that it requires many trips to the grocery store (or at least a couple very long trips), often which includes bringing the large family’s worth of children with me. It’s a vicious cycle that can be stopped only by cutting off their food supply or buying a self-sustaining farm....more

When a Coupon isn't a Coupon at all

Picture it: You're checking out at the grocery store, cranky toddler in your cart, 10 people behind you, dinner party plans for tonight brewing. You've chosen your red wine based partly on a $3 coupon hanging from the bottle neck. The cashier unhooks the coupon, peers at it, shifts his eyes up and apologizes, "Sorry ma'am. This one doesn't scan. It's a mail-in rebate." WHAT???? A mail-in rebate??? For three dollars?? Are you on crack?...more

A Grocery Store Tale~Crazy Woman Takes her 4 Small Children Shopping

This is a tale of a crazy woman (me) who takes her four small children to the grocery store. Part One - Peeping Tom ...more

Intersection: Two Lives in a Parking Lot

I watch the full grocery cart as it all but runs away from the dark little bow-legged old woman in the Whole Foods parking lot. Her low braid dances down her back as she hurtles behind it. ...more

I saved a lot of money without switching to GEICO...Harris Teeter Triples Pt. 3

Hello, Hello!  Here is the trip #3 to the weeklong Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Sale. Qty  Item                         Cost - VIC      Q                  3x         Final Price     Total 2    Trident Xtra Gum          1.49            .75                1.49            Free         Free ...more